Face massage – face lift

Face massage is a great way to preserve the youthfulness and health of the facial skin without scalpel and injections. This massage provides a long lasting effect of lifted skin, and significantly improved skin condition.

Daily, the skin is affected by a lot of external and internal stimuli: temperature differences, pollution, harmful habits, stress, and hormonal imbalance. Each of them inevitably leaves marks on the facial skin, which are usually masked with various make-up tools. However, this is not an option to have a beautiful and healthy skin. It is necessary to take care of your skin accordingly. Regenerating facial massage can help restore youthfulness to the skin and make the skin look great again.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

As the skin starts aging, its protective and regenerative properties are weakened, and the necessary moisturizing and nutritious substances, as well as oxygen are not absorbed as well. Face massage is an ideal prophylactic skin treatment procedure designed to enhance facial skin regeneration and metabolic processes.

Facial massage tightens the facial muscles and skin perfectly, increases skin’s firmness and elasticity, intensifies blood flow and lymph flow. Fine wrinkles and facial muscle tension diminish considerably after the treatment, and the face becomes luminous. The facial massage also removes dead skin cells, thereby improving the absorption of oxygen and subsequent use of cosmetics.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Face massage is perfect for any skin type. It’s great for wrinkly, flabby skin, scars, for facial nerve neuritis, various textures, hyperglycaemia of the skin or hipo functions.

If you aim to postpone ageing processes and diminish harmful environmental effects on the skin, as well as visibly improve skin`s condition, try this procedure.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

No special preparation is required before this procedure. When arriving at the clinic, you will be examined by a cosmetologist who will assess your skin condition and carefully select the most appropriate cosmetic products for your skin type. We guarantee that in Sapiega Clinic cosmetologists are highly qualified and have many years of experience.

During this procedure the face is cleansed, old and dead cells are removed from the skin.

Facial massage is carried out in separate areas: forehead, around the eyes, nose, cheeks and chin. Each muscle group is carefully massaged eliminating accumulated tension.

During the procedure, mimic wrinkles relax, blood circulation is activated and healthy pinkness appears in the face. The procedure is not painful.

A revitalizing effect is guaranteed, your skin will become elastic and firm. Fine wrinkles will flatten, and deep ones will decrease noticeably.

We recommend that you complete at least 4 courses in order to provide a lasting effect and a good further function of skin regeneration processes.


Face massage - face lift

59 €

Therapeutic Japanese (Kobido) facial massage

69 €