EMSCULPT NEO for body shaping and muscle strengthening

Can muscles be affected only by complex sports exercises? Technological innovations prove that muscles can also be stimulated by devices. Muscle stimulating devices have been used for some time in the medical field, in the field of rehabilitation, and now, we can finally enjoy innovations in the field of aesthetics. One of them is EMSCULPT NEO. It is a body contouring device that is unrivalled in the world, and with its help, not only Hollywood stars, but also our clients can enjoy a more toned body and more pronounced musculature.

About the EMSCULPT NEO procedure About the EMSCULPT NEO procedure

About the EMSCULPT NEO procedure

A treatment that will help you enhance your body shape.

HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology and synchronised radiofrequency are the secret of the EMSCLUPT NEO’s impressive results. By acting on motor neurons, EMSCULPT NEO:

  • causes very strong muscle contractions,
  • warms up the tissues,
  • triggers a rapid metabolic response without any physical effort on your part.

In the area of the body affected by the device, muscle mass grows and fat tissue disappears – a double effect that makes the results even more visible. Patients who have tried the procedure often describe the experience and the results achieved as “sport while relaxing”, because you don’t have to do anything. Of course, the procedure cannot replace a balanced diet, a healthy and active lifestyle – it is designed to accentuate and correct certain areas of your body.

Results you can expect after EMSCULPT NEO treatments*

  • + 25% more muscle
  • -30% less fatty tissue
  • -19% less fatty tissue in the abdomen
  • 5.9 cm less waist circumference

For optimal results, 4 treatments of 30 minutes each, approximately every 5 to 10 days, are sufficient. After the recommended course of 4 treatments, the results can be expected to show after 4-8 weeks, and can last up to 6 months if the person has a healthy lifestyle following the course of treatments, and even longer if the person is active in sports.

* The average of the results obtained is based on the patients’ adipose tissue thickness, ultrasound muscle tests, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. The results depend on the individual case. The safety and efficiency of the device have been confirmed in clinical trials carried out by independent experts. The safety and efficiency of EMSCULPT NEO is also confirmed by FDA and CE medical certification.

Results you can expect after EMSCULPT NEO treatments* Results you can expect after EMSCULPT NEO treatments*

Why choose the EMSCULPT NEO procedure?

  •  The procedure is performed with the EMSCULPT NEO device, which is unrivalled in the world.
  • Muscles exposed to the device become firmer, stronger and more toned.
  • Fat tissue is thinned (fat burning).
  • More shapely body.
  • A painless and non-invasive procedure, the intensity of which is chosen according to each individual’s needs and sensations.
  • Fast treatment and long-lasting results.
  • Achieves those muscle layers that are difficult to shape even with intensive exercise.
  • The internal organs are completely unaffected.
Am I the right candidate? Am I the right candidate?

Am I the right candidate?

  • EMSCULPT NEO is suitable for people of all body types who want to beautify their abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and/or calves.
  • Lean or athletic patients will enjoy increased muscle mass and tone, more beautiful body contours and accentuation of body areas where it is difficult to achieve visual results through sports alone.
  • For patients with more adipose tissue, the EMSCULPT NEO device will help to improve shapes, reduce volumes, strengthen muscles and increase self-confidence.
  • For post-natal women, this device will help to get rid of excess fatty tissue in the abdominal area, and also reduce abdominal wall muscle wasting (diastasis).
  • EMSCLUPT NEO – the secret of effective results
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, our specialist will consult you, select the most suitable treatment parameters and advise you on the further course of the treatment. It is recommended that you do not consume any liquids one hour before the treatment.

During the procedure

Duration of the treatment is 30 min., recommended course of 4 treatments. The applicators are placed directly on your body to make direct contact with your skin, so no special clothing is required. No mobile devices can be used during the treatment.

After the procedure

You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure; drinking more water is recommended. For a few days you may feel as if you have had an intense workout.

A healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity and repeating the course every 6 months are recommended to maintain the results.


Firm buttocks, or maybe a flat belly? ULTRA COMBO Emsculpt NEO + VelaShape course of 8 treatments (4 Emsculpt NEO + 4 VelaShape III) (-43%)

1060 € 599 €

(Special offer *) 4 treatments / 1 area (30 min) | Price per treatment 139 Eur.(-30%)

796 € 556 €

Buttock lift and firming

199 €

Abdominal area

199 €

Outer or inner thighs

199 €

Front or back thighs

199 €


199 €

Biceps or triceps

199 €


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