Botox injections for facial wrinkles

Botox is a natural purified protein produced by the bacteria Clostidium botulinum, which has been used in medicine for many years. In the beginning, the range of applications were in ophthalmology, neurology, pediatrics, and, in recent years, it is the most used in cosmetology, or aesthetic procedures. Botox treatments were approved in the year of 2002 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and since then it began to spread rapidly not only in US, but also in Europe.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

Botox treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure performed in a way that the compound is injected under the skin in areas where the wrinkles should be removed or diminished. The procedure is simple, painless and takes only a few minutes. You can see the results after 2-3 days.

Am I a suitable candidate?

You are a suitable candidate for this treatment if you want to eliminate the mimic wrinkles on your forehead or around the eyes. Treatment should not be carried out if there is an infection in the places that the compound should be injected.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

The doctor will consult you, he will examine and assess the condition of your skin as well as give advice on which preparation is most suitable for you before the treatment. Professional knowledge and experience is needed for this treatment, since when the injection is done not precisely it can cause completely different results.

We guarantee that doctors at Sapiega clinc are qualified and have a lot of experience in this field.

Do not forget to tell the doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon. Also if you are suffering from a disease that affects the nerves or muscles.

Botox is carefully and precisely applied in very small quantities in the face of the patient, and blocks the work of particular muscles involved in facial mimics. This will reduce and remove wrinkles on the face, caused by strong muscle activity.  The effect of the preparation is localized only in the areas which have been injected, usually wrinkles on the forehead (horizontal and vertical), fine lines in the outside of the eyes and  wrinkles above the upper lip.

The application itself is almost painless because of thin needles. The effect is visible after a few days. The durability of the final results of the procedure varies according to individual characteristics (in most cases about 4-6 months). The treatment can be repeated time and time again because it is not harmful for the health of the patient. It is only required that between treatments there is an appropriate time interval (usually about 4 months). It is important to mention that with repeated treatments the aesthetic effect of rejuvenation is more permanent.

The patient can return to his daily routine immediately after the procedure, but it is important to stay in a vertical position.

It is recommended not to use any cosmetics on the treated area right after the treatment.

It is also recommended not to drink alcohol, sunbathe,  go to saunas or to lay in a hot bath.

Botox starts to affect after 2 or 3 days after the injection and usually lasts 4 to 6 months. After the botox clears away, patients are usually used to fewer facial mimics, therefore new lines and wrinkles do not form so quickly, so the following procedure may not be needed for a while.


SPECIAL OFFER. When performing wrinkle corrections in 3 facial areas - a 15% discount is applied.

- 15%

Treatment for vertical (anger) forehead wrinkles for women

- 15%

Treatment for vertical (anger) forehead wrinkles for men

110 €

Treatment for horizontal (worry) forehead wrinkles for women

130 €

Treatment for horizontal (worry) forehead wrinkles for men

130 - 150 €

Treatment for wrinkles around the eyes (goose foot) for women

190 €

Treatment for wrinkles around the eyes (goose foot) for men

130 - 150 €

Treatment for wrinkles around the lips

150 €

Smile correction "gummy smile"

110 €

Facial contouring and lifting

110 €

Mesobotulinum procedure (for correction of neck and décolletage wrinkles)

220 €

Nose correction with botulinum toxin

240 €

Treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism) for women

90 €

Treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism) for men

170 - 230 €

Repetitive treatment consultation / examination / correction after injections (within 2 weeks)

230 - 270 €

Dr. consultation of a dermatovenerologist / plastic surgeon during the procedure



SPECIAL OFFER. A 15% discount applies if you choose 3 treatments of any area at the same time.


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