Velshape III – cellulite reduction and body contouring

1. VelaShape III technology guarantees great results. More than 10 year of clinical experience, more than 5 million independent procedures all over the world, most study publications – all of that makes VelaShape III one of the best cellulite reduction and body contouring tools. VelaShape is most recognized non-invasive body contouring procedure.

2. Power and speed. VelaShape III can reach up to 150 W power incredibly quickly, allowing shorter procedure time, and up to 75% lower procedure quantity for same results in comparison to other body contouring tools.

3. Comfort. VelaShape III procedure is as pleasant and comfortable as hot stone massage.

4. VelaShape III allows to reach impressive results without discomfort and rest periods. Enjoy the perks of VelaShape III procedure at Sapiega Clinic.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

Body contouring, anti-cellulite procedure is done with elōs technology created by SYNERON in order to effectively reduce cellulite, fat layer, tighten skin and shape the body. It’s a painless, non-invasive, non-surgical method to reduce cellulite and contour the body. The procedure is suitable for all skin types and can be performed even in the most sensitive areas, such as under chin. The procedure can be done regardless the season.


IR technology
+ Warms the derma layer to stimulate collagen (up to 3 mm)
+ Warms under skin layers in order to allow radio frequency waves to enter deeper into the skin

Bipolar radio frequency
+ Enters deeper layers of the skin and warms them (up to 15 mm)
+ Breaks down and destroys fat cells under the skin
+ Stimulates fibroblasts, connective tissue cells that produce collagen

 Pulse vacuum
+ Improves lymphatic drainage and increases oxygen levels in blood
+ Improves radio frequency absorption.

Am I a suitable candidate?

The ideal candidate for this procedure is a person who works out regularly, eats clean, yet still struggles to shape the body. During a consultation before VelaShape III procedure a specialist will advise you and recommend the best treatment plan to reach your desired results.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Two weeks before the procedure patients should avoid direct sun light or solariums. Before VelaShape III procedure do not ally tanning lotions or any other creams, lotions or body oils. A few days before procedure do not use any blood thinning medicines, such as aspirin, since that can impact bruising. Do not be afraid to discuss any recent surgeries or health issues that could interfere with the procedure and affect results with consulting doctors before the procedure.

At first, measurements of the body will be taken, problem areas will be photographed. Then, special lotion will be applied on the skin and procedure will begin. The procedure is done with VelaShape III by massaging areas that are affected by cellulite. The massage creates lymph drainage. The tool emits IR and radio frequency energy to warm the skin layers and destroy fat cells under the skin. Once destroyed, cells move to lymph nodes and are removed with natural metabolic processes. Vacuum system ensures needed heat absorption, improved blood circulation and oxygen levels in the blood. The results – tighter body, reduced cellulite, more graceful and beautiful body shape. During the entire procedure patients will feel pleasant warmth, the procedure is painless and totally safe. Every procedure area takes around 30 minutes per session.

The skin might be slightly red, sometimes bruising may appear. There are no activity restrictions after the procedure, so patients can return to their normal daily routine instantly. Just after the first procedure the skin looks smoother, tighter and firmer. Full results are achieved after 4 – 6 procedures (depends on the problem level). Generally procedures are done once per week. Clinical tests have found that after a single VelaShape III procedure the body measurements are reduced by approximately 1–3 centimetres. For the most effective results, VelaShape III procedures should be repeated regularly. These procedures do not stop natural fat storage processes and do not prevent the skin from developing cellulite again, therefore it is recommended to eat clean and keep active, too. Register for the procedure now!


SPECIAL OFFER for firm buttocks or abdomen: 8 procedures / 1 area (4 Lutronic + 4 VelaShape III)(-17%)

660 € 549 €

SPECIAL OFFER for firm buttocks or abdomen: 12 procedures / 1 area (6 Lutronic + 6 VelaShape III)(-24%)

990 € 749 €

(Special offer) 2 procedures / 2 areas (2 x 30 min.)

132 €

(Special offer) 3 procedures / 3 areas (3 x 30 min.)(-5%)

198 € 188 €

(Special offer) 4 procedures / 4 areas (4 x 30 min.) (-10%)

264 € 238 €

(Special offer) 6 procedures / 6 areas (6 x 30 min.) (-15%)

396 € 337 €

Outer thigh area procedure (30 min.)

66 €

Inner thigh area procedure (30 min.)

66 €

Buttocks area procedure (30 min.)

66 €

Stomach area procedure (30 min.)

66 €

Back area procedure (30 min.)

66 €

Arms area procedure (30 min.)

66 €

Under chin area procedure (20 min.)

35 €



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