Body treatments

Massage is an amazing pleasure for our body and soul, a time for ourselves and with ourselves. Perhaps that is why almost all the great cultures have their own distinctive traditions and rituals of performing it. Moreover, massage is not only a way of relaxation but also a way of healing. Regular massage reduces nervousness, fatigue, relaxes tense muscles, provides vitality, relieves tension, helps to relax, lifts the mood and improves well-being.

Are you complaining of tired sore feet after a day? In this case, lymphatic drainage massage to reduce swelling of the legs, varicose veins and the sensation of heavy legs will help. This massage stimulates venous blood flow and lymph circulation, reduces leg and joint pain, and treats cellulite.

If you suffer from the latter, a special anti-cellulite ”VELLASHAPE III” massage will help. This is an effective way to eliminate the “orange peel” skin, tighten it and reduce body volume! You will notice the result after the first procedure! And the further you go, the firmer, smoother and softer your skin will become.

And if you want an even more effective treatment for cellulite, you can use the luxurious “Biologique Recherche” cosmetics. The “MINCEUR” slimming body treatment offers a draining massage of the problem areas of the body – arms, legs, and abdomen – using the world-famous French cosmetic care line “Biologique Recherche”. This body-shaping massage also improves tissue microcirculation, tightens and tones free tissues and removes dead skin cells.

It is important to note that massages should also be chosen as a preventive measure to avoid muscle aches, headaches, tension, or insomnia, and sometimes just to pamper yourself or a friend.