Plastic and reconsstructive surgery

No matter how often we try to convince us that a person’s establishment in society is mostly determined by the mind and pleasant manners, in reality it becomes clear – beauty plays an equally important role. It has long been proven that when employers choose candidates for an interview for a job position, a sympathetic photo of his profile contributes to the success of the candidate no less than education and work experience.

Beauty gives self-confidence, self-esteem, makes it easier to find friends, find a life partner, establish oneself in society, even achieve a career or develop a business.

Plastic surgery is the surgical removal of defects in appearance and health problems. First of all, it is a magical tool to help you deal with the long-suffering dissatisfaction of your body, the complexes and love yourself again.

The desire to look beautiful is a continuous process. Perhaps this is why our most popular plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, facial skin tightening and nose correction. Fortunately, our plastic surgeons can give your breast and nose the shape you want, restore body harmony, improve the condition of your facial skin, and otherwise help you feel beautiful and attractive. We also perform breast augmentation and reduction, eyelid plastic surgery, drooping ears, navel and other corrections.

Plastic surgery is also an elimination of health problems. In most cases, our plastic surgeons perform a variety of non-malignant skin formation removals as well as hand function restoration surgeries. However, some plastic surgeries also have positive effects on patient health. For example, eyelid correction helps to see better, nose reconstruction improves breathing, eliminates olfactory disorders, reduces chest pain, relieves back pain. And what about the disappearance of psychological discomfort? Improved psychological well-being and elevated mood in patients often inspire them to make new work routines, relationships, increase productivity, generate new ideas and generate much more energy to accomplish them. Therefore, often after a few years or sometimes even a decade of postponing the dream of improving one’s appearance, a natural question arises, “Where have I been before?”.

Fostering beauty is not a vanity, it is an opportunity to finally break free of your complexes and feel happy. Well, our mission is to do everything you can to be healthy, beautiful and live a fulfilling life.