Fat in unwanted areas – most women’s headache. Waist, thighs, hips, hands – areas that have been proportionate, beautiful and firm, now lost that appearance, and the body lost its natural harmony? When diets and physical activity does not help, the solution is liposuction.

About the procedure

Plastic surgery can provide your body the desired shape. Liposuction helps the areas of the body become slimmer and graceful, combined with the natural appearance, personal goals and desires, and greater self-confidence. This surgery is leading among women and men in the field of beauty surgeries for many years.

When you are preparing for a liposuction, the first step is a primary consultation with a plastic surgeon. You will learn more about the steps of the preparation process, you will discuss your health condition and expectations. Your body will be examined and measured by a surgeon, so that it would be easier to identify the volume of the surgery. The specialist will provide you with all the information about this surgery and future results. If you are unable to attend the initial consultation, we can always consult you remotely by e-mail: info@old-sapiegosklinika.stillnot.live

Thighs are one of the most important parts of the body when speaking about femininity – their shape, curves and fullness gives a unique appearance, which is inherent only for women. Unfortunately, with time body curves cover up with an additional layer of fat, which hides the previous shape making it less attractive and proportionate. In this case, liposuction can help. Surgeons will form your body with proportionate and unique lines, which will be congruous with your body shape. In order to reach more professional results, abdominal surgeries can be divided into several areas:

Abdominal area – one of the most popular areas for liposuction, which requires strict surveillance and paying attention to subtle details. Professionals working at Sapiega clinic will assess your abdominal lines, their adjustment capabilities and operation objectives, so after the surgery you will be able to enjoy a natural-looking, proportional body shape and more aesthetic-looking abdomen. It is important to remember that this surgery should be selected only  when diet and physical activity does not give the desired results.

In order to make more professional results, abdominal surgeries can be divided into several areas:

Front abdominal liposuction – target of the surgery is all four abdominal quadrants – this is important because after one area is corrected, the other will remain intact and warp the overall picture, that is why it is important to operate the whole front of the abdomen as a single unit, taking into account the elasticity of the skin. This way long-lasting, stable and uplifting results will be achieved.

Total waist liposuction – this surgery is applied in cases when the fat is localized not only in the front of the abdomen, but all around the waist and sides, so surgery with volume wide enough is very important, as when only a particular area is removed, such as abdominal front, body will look flat and wide, so it is especially important to look at the whole picture.

Am I a suitable candidate?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are some general requirements before the procedure:

Good health condition;

Expectations – they have to be realistic. It is important to understand that each person is unique, and ideal body contours do not look exactly the same.

Understanding of the process – before any surgical intervention with the help of a surgeon you must evaluate the risks, advantages and potential consequences.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Patients should realistically assess their expectations for the results of the operation, take into account the potential risk of complications, and plan post-operative period properly. The aim to meet the ideal of beauty standards or comply with other people expectations shoud not be the target. of the surgery. Any doubts and questions should be shared with the surgeon.

Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia.

Before the procedure, discussed areas are infiltrated with solution, which has a general anesthetic and adrenaline – this reduces bleeding during surgery and provides a simpler anesthesia after it.

Infiltration cannula is inserted under the skin through a small (5-6 mm) section, through which liposuction cannula is inserted later on.

Fat is taken from the patient’s subcutaneous with suction cannula using a negative pressure. Surgeon evenly sucks fat tissue from different depths of the skin using pendulum and criss-cross motions, leaving only a small amount of fat under the skin. This way the surgeon can suck the range from tens of milliliters to several liters of liquid fat.

After the surgery the skin incisions are sewn up. Sometimes drains, through which naturally accumulated tissue fluid flows, are left in the suction areas.

Patients should remain calm and relaxed for a few days after the surgery, and if necessary – painkiller medications may be taken. Permissible physical activity after the surgery depends largely on the volume of the operation. Usually physical activity is restricted for a few weeks. There can be bruises, tissue lumps and skin sensory disorders on the liposuction areas for 2 months.

Fat suction and transplantation result is visible only when the swelling and tissue lumps subside, and when the part of the transplanted fat is absorbed. It can take up to several months. The result is long-lasting, but it highly depends on the patient’s lifestyle, physical activity, dietary habits and naturally occurring processes such as aging.

Like any intervention, liposuction may have adverse reactions such as infection, bruising, bumping on the contour, prolonger wound healing, fluid retention, calcification and others.

Smoking, obesity, chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes and endocrine diseases can increase the risk of post-operative factors. It is necessary to inform the surgeon before the surgery if you have hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disease, allergies, blood clotting disorders or other chronic diseases. Also if you smoke, take drugs or food supplements.


Abdominal area

600 - 1200 €

Lumbar area

600 - 1200 €

Sacral area

600 - 1200 €

Buttock areas

600 - 1200 €

Outer thigh area

600 - 1200 €

Inner thigh area

600 - 1200 €

Inner surfaces of knees

600 - 1200 €

Ankle area

600 - 1200 €

Pubic area

600 - 1200 €

Shoulder blade inner surface areas

600 - 1200 €

Armpits areas

600 - 1200 €

Upper arm areas

600 - 1200 €

Chest areas (for men)

600 - 1200 €

Umbilical shape correction

2500 - 4500 €

Liposuction (under local anaesthesia)

1500 €

Liposuction (each additional area)

600 €

Thigh lift

400 €

Hand liposuction

400 €