Children’s Dermatovenerologist consultation

Have you noticed moles, rashes, or other changes on your child’s skin? The dermatovenereologists at SAPIEGOS specialize in paediatric dermatology and will help you answer any questions you may have, and help you develop the most appropriate skin treatment plan for your child. Below you will find some useful tips on how to prepare for the procedure to ensure it goes without a hitch.

About the consultation

During the consultation, the doctor will thoroughly examine your child’s skin and rashes. If necessary, a dermatoscope – a special device that magnifies and illuminates skin rashes or lesions – may be used. There are thousands of dermatological conditions and diseases, often one pathology may resemble another, and in children rashes are often variable, so it is recommended to document the rashes by photographing them in order to achieve the best results during consultation. During the visit, the dermatovenereologist will draw up a treatment plan, indicating the most appropriate way of dealing with the problem: laser treatment or medication.

How to prepare for a consultation? How to prepare for a consultation?

How to prepare for a consultation?

  • We recommend dressing your child in comfortable clothes that are easy to take off before the exam.
  • You can also prepare your child morally for the visit by explaining where you are going, that the doctor will need to look at his/her skin, that the moles will be illuminated with a special light, and that it will be painless, unless there is a chill or a sensation of someone picking at the skin.
  • You may mention that after the consultation, the child will be given a reward – a sample of the body cream they like.
  • Applying the cream to the skin before the consultation is allowed, but we recommend that you do not use skin colouring products that could hide rashes (brilliant green, iodine solution, betadine). It is also important for us to know exactly what medicines and creams you used during your home treatment and how they were used.


Worth knowing:

  • Children under 16 years old should arrive with no more than one responsible adult.
  • Children over 16 years old can come alone.
  • Laser debridement is performed on children aged 12 years and older, provided they have parental consent.
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure


Especially if your child has a fear of doctors, you should discuss with him/her where you will be going, and that the dermatological consultation will be painless – we will just do a thorough examination of the rashes. If any tests are needed, they will be more like a rough scratch than painful.

The rashes must be visible when you arrive for the consultation and not covered with brilliant green or other products that mask the colour of the rashes. If you have a history of medical treatment for the problem, be sure to know the name of the medication and how it was used.

We see little patients every day and they have a pleasant and smooth visit, so yours will be too.


To give parents the opportunity to listen carefully to the doctor, we recommend that you keep your child occupied with a favourite toy that you have brought with you for the visit.

We can also always repeat the recommendations by email or phone.


After the consultation, it is very important to follow the specialist’s recommendations, as the treatment is carried out at home and is usually complex, combining not only the subtleties of skin care, but also medications.


Dr. Dermatovenerologist consultation - for children

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