“Lutronic Accucurv” for body strengthening

“The Lutronic Accucurv” device helps muscle growth and stimulates deep muscles that are hard to reach with simple exercises. The treatment will also help to relieve muscle pain, while the muscles themselves will be strengthened and the body will take on a sleek shape. How does it all work? Lying down and exercising – could it get any better?

Helping to shape your body Helping to shape your body

Helping to shape your body

The only “Lutronic Accucurv” in the country, the smart iEMA (intelligent Electromagnetic Activation) technology generates a high-intensity magnetic field and directs it to the muscle layers in a specific part of the body, causing the muscle to contract. This activates the motor nerves and strengthens, as well as shapes, the muscles.

The magnetic field is created by transmitting energy to the deep layers of the muscles, making this treatment particularly effective for body contouring and muscle strengthening in:

  • the buttock area;
  • the abdominal area;
  • the thighs.

The “Lutronic Accucurv” applicator is designed for even more comfort during your treatment. The applicator tip has a 20-degree angle of elevation, which prevents the vibration from reaching unwanted areas of the body, such as the pubic bone, during abdominal muscle stimulation.

Results that can be expected after “Lutronic Accucurv” treatments

The results of the study showed that after two weeks where four “Lutronic Accucurv” treatments were performed on the abdomen, the patients experienced:

  • improved muscle condition – increased muscle mass;
  • decrease in fat layer;
  • decrease in diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles (the most common problem for women after childbirth).

On average, muscle mass increased by 17% and fat mass decreased by around 13%.

The recommended minimum number of treatments is 4 treatments over 2 weeks, the full course is 9 treatments over 3 weeks.

Although “Lutronic Accucurv” can help to refine your body shape, a balanced diet and quality sleep are essential for best results; moreover, alcohol consumption should be avoided prior to the procedure. In consultation with our specialists, it is possible to combine several treatments, such as “Lutronic Accucurv” and “VelaShape III” for stimulation of additional areas or cellulite reduction.

Results that can be expected after “Lutronic Accucurv” treatments Results that can be expected after “Lutronic Accucurv” treatments

Why should you choose it?

  • Reduces body volume and strengthens muscles;
  • “Lutronic Accucurv” is an innovative and effective device for deep muscle stimulation;
  • Activates blood circulation;
  • Improves posture;
  • Reduces muscle pain;
  • The device can stimulate several muscles simultaneously.
Am I the right candidate? Am I the right candidate?

Am I the right candidate?

The treatment is ideal for people of all body shapes who want to increase muscle mass, improve body contours and accentuate areas of the body that are difficult to shape through fitness.

If you suffer from diastasis (abdominal muscle wasting) after childbirth, “Lutronic Accucurv” can help you reduce muscle wasting and get rid of excess fatty tissue.

The procedure is not suitable for pregnancy or for people with pacemakers, artificial valves or similar devices.

How does “Lutronic Accucurv” work?

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, our specialist will consult you, select the most suitable parameters for the procedure and advise you on the further course of the treatment. It is recommended that you do not consume any liquids one hour before the procedure. The procedure is not suitable for pregnant women.

During the procedure

You should wear your own thin and comfortable clothes during the treatment. Mobile devices should not be used during the procedure.

Duration 15-30min.

After the treatment

You may feel like you have had an intense workout for a few days. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment, it is recommended to drink more water. For maximum results, it is recommended to avoid alcoholic beverages during the course and to follow your diet.


SPECIAL OFFER for tight butt or tummy 8 procedures / 1 area (4 Lutronic + 4 VelaShape III)(-17%)

660 € 549 €

2 treatments / 1 area (30 min) | Price per treatment 89 Eur.(-10%)

198 € 178 €

4 treatments / 1 area (30 min) | Price per treatment 79 Eur.(-20%)

396 € 317 €

4 treatments / 2 areas (60 min) | Price per treatment 74 Eur.(-25%)

792 € 594 €

9 treatments / 1 area (30 min) | Price per treatment 69 Eur.(-30%)

891 € 624 €

9 treatments / 2 areas (60 min) | Price per treatment 64 Eur.(-35%)

1782 € 1158 €

Abdominal area (30 min)

99 €

Buttock area (30 min)

99 €

Thigh area with a choice of one zone: back / front (30 min)

99 €



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