Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure where part of the breast tissue is removed. This operation is performed for aesthetic and functional reasons. Women with extremely large breasts often feel neck and back pain, difficulty in movement, can not engage in some activities, and the skin under the breasts may be red and painful. In such cases breast reduction is a real salvation – women no longer feel pain and enjoy beautiful breasts.

About the procedure

The most common breast reduction surgery is done to improve the overall health status. Breasts, each weighing more than 400 grams, can cause neck and back pain, constant tension and the risk of certain illnesses.

The first step before the surgery is the primary consultation with a plastic surgeon. You will learn more about the main steps of the preparation process, you will discuss your health condition and expectations. Your breasts will be examined and measured by a surgeon, so that it would be easier to select the best surgical technique for your case. If you are unable to attend the initial consultation, we can always consult you remotely by e-mail: [email protected]

Am I a suitable candidate?

The surgery is perfect for women with relatively large, saggy breasts.

There are several main requirements before the surgery:

Good health condition – women’s immunity and co-diseases are very important, as it can affect the general condition;

Age – younger women recover faster after the surgery, and can expect better results. Expectations – they have to be realistic. It is important to understand that each woman is an individual, and that the imaginary ideal breasts do not look exactly the same on a particular body;

Understanding of the process – you must evaluate the risks and advantages of the operation with the surgeon, to understand the potential consequences, before any surgical intervention.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Before the procedure, a comprehensive anamnesis of your illness and life – the diseases you are suffering from, the current state of health, the use of medicines, allergy medications, lifestyle, diet, etc. – will be collected. All of this is important to ensure the best results and the safe state of your health during and after surgery. Before the surgery, you will also need to perform certain tests (mammogram, blood tests) – all the details will be explained during the consultation. After a breast reduction surgery the patient will have to feel and check the breasts monthly – although the risk of breast cancer decreases after breast reduction, but the habit of checking the breast should remain.

The breast reduction surgery is performed using general anesthesia, the surgery length varies depending on the size of the breasts. During surgery, excess breast tissue is removed from carefully selected areas. Stitches are made in as few areas as possible to minimize postoperative effects. After the surgery, drainage will be left over at night, then the chest will be wrapped with an elastic bandage.

A post-operative phase of the healing process depends on the patient’s personal characteristics and other variable factors. During the first days you are likely to feel pain, the body temperature and swelling can rise up, which will disappear later on.

Typically, a day after the surgery the patient stays in the clinic and medical professional postoperative care is ensured. If everything is going smoothly and you are feeling good after the first day – you can go home. The doctors will provide all the required information about care and future visits.

Each surgical procedure has a risk of complications that may be associated with anesthesia, infection, bleeding, and swelling. However, these complications are rare and are usually avoided. The team of Sapiega clinic will provide all the necessary tools for your recovery and the risks will be minimal as long as the patient cares for herself after the surgery, as well as contributes to both risk reduction and breast beauty and well-being.


Breast reduction

2800 - 3200 €

Large breast reduction

2800 - 3500 €


1300 - 1700 €

Gynaecomastia (single breast)

890 €

Inverted nipple correction

800 - 1000 €

Nipple reduction

700 - 900 €