Face lift

Facial skin is constantly exposed to all elements of the environment, including harmful ones, therefore facial skin tends to age faster. While other parts of the body are covered by clothing, the face is always open to the environment and to the sun, so the reflection of these elements show on our faces. The first signs of aging are: reduced facial elasticity, muscle relaxation, natural wrinkles and deeper face curves as well as altered facial contours. Facelift is a very successful procedure for removing or reducing these changes, and the results last for more than 5 years. After a while, the face will still look better than without surgery.

About the procedure

Face lift is a cosmetic surgery of tightening the facial muscles, and it’s without a doubt one of the key aesthetic surgeries in the industry. It is the most common and most important aesthetic operation that belongs to a group of operations in terms of restoring facial contours to resemble how it looked at a younger age. Face Lifting is also the base for all other cosmetic surgeries on the face and can be combined with other surgical procedures in that region. This procedure has both objective and subjective sides, since each person perceives the appearance of aging differently, and it is very difficult to accurately determine who needs a surgery and when to perform it. You will be given an objective opinion during the consultation at the Sapiega clinic, when the doctor will be able to give a reasonable estimate based on your desires and ability to achieve results. The doctor will advise on what should suit you better – whether a better result would be achieved by surgical correction, non-invasive treatments or even a combination of both.

Face lift surgery lifts not only the skin, but also soft tissue of the neck. After such procedure, changes are visible both on the face and neck. Best results are seen in the middle and bottom thirds of the face and around the lower edge of the jaw, where the chin and neck connects.

Am I a suitable candidate?

The surgery is performed when there are present signs of aging such as pronounced wrinkles, hanging skin, loss of tone in the previous contour of the face, namely the face “falls” and takes a sad look. Candidates for surgery are usually persons aged between 40 and 65 years.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Cosmetic face life surgery requires standard blood and urine tests: CBS; SE, koagulogram (PT, APTT, and fibrinogen), GUK, urea, creatinine; urine completely, ECG and internist examination. A list of required tests will be given to you at the consultation examination at the Sapiega clinic. After these blood and urine tests it’s necessary to undergo the anesthesiologist’s examination, where you will be given all the necessary information regarding all the facts on general anesthesia in which the procedure is performed.

Depending on the surgical technique, aesthetic facial rejuvenation surgery lasts from 3-4 hours. Most commonly facial and neck rejuvenations are performed together. The location and length of the incision depends on what the procedure is trying to achieve and is adapted to the needs of individual patient’s condition (depending on the relaxation and quality of skin).

Most often a cut of a few millimeters is made in the eyebrow line, in front of the ear and behind the ear as needed. Smaller incisions are made under the chin and below the angle of the lower jaw. Then the lifting of the skin subcutaneous tissue follows, the inner layer is lifter, excess skin and tissue are removed, and the incision is sutured. If necessary, a few centimeters cut can also be made below the chin in order to achieve the surgical removal of fat in the central part of the neck, and further tightening of the neck muscles (platysma) in the median line. These procedures can be combined with other facial procedures – any correction surgery or implant surgery.

The recovery time depends on the type of operation. It’s recommended to use cooling in the postoperative period within 24-48 hours. Painkillers also help in the early postoperative period and facilitate the initial recovery. Antibiotics are usually recommended during the first week after the operation. As for eating in the initial days, it is necessary to consume light food.

A return to normal daily activities is possible 7-14 days after surgery, while heavy physical activity should be avoided 4-6 weeks after the surgery. The recovery of sensation of the face and ears gradually returns within the first month, in rare cases – it may take a little longer. Scars are usually hidden in the scalp, or in the natural crease in front of and behind the ear. The first results are already visible after 14 days, and the final ones – after 6 -12 months.

Side effects are usually temporary: during the first few days after the surgery expect swelling, bruising, which is why it’s recommended to lightly cool the face during those days. For a few days later the face can seem painful, tight,  sensitive – a painkiller will help reduce these sensations.

Early complications may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue infection
  • Facial nerve paralysis (in rare cases)

Delayed complications: Facial asymmetry between left and right sides of the face (the face is always naturally asymmetric)

If you notice other specific, troublesome symptoms, turn to a specialist for advice immediately.

Keep in mind that in order to have a smooth and quick postoperative period, it is incredibly important to follow the doctor’s instructions and take proper care of yourself.


Endoscopic forehead and brow lift

1400 - 1500 €

Endoscopic forehead and brow lift + upper eyelid surgery

4000 - 4600 €

Eyebrow lift

3000 - 3700 €

Facial skin tightening

2400 - 3000 €

Classical mid and lower face stretching

1400 - 1800 €

Mini face lift

900 - 1500 €

Chin augmentation (price with implant)

870 €

Facial rejuvenation with facial fat injections

100 €

Facial fat transplantation surgery (basic price)

1600 - 3800 €

Fat transplantation surgery (each additional area)

450 - 700 €

Neck skin tightening

1160 €

Neck liposuction

Chin plastic surgery (under general anaesthesia)