Lymph drainage massage – press therapy

Press therapy – lymph drainage massage is great for blood circulation and elimination of all problems related with long-term deterioration of the circulation, like venous and lymph circulation insufficiency. Press therapy helps to reduce muscular and joints pain, as well as have relaxing impact after active training.
Effective mechanical movements of applicator create effective, gentle and long-lasting pressure, which is necessary for the treatment of cellulite. It is especially used if there is “orange-peel” symptoms. When lymph circulation is being stimulated, toxins and deposit of fat are being eliminated better.

About the procedure

Presotherapy stimulates lymphatic drainage, has a positive effect on the blood circulation and perfectly eliminates problems associated with prolonged deterioration of the blood circulation: venous blood flow and lymphatic failure, malformations, vein varicose and sensation of heavy legs. Presotherapy, as a source of well-being, also helps to reduce muscle and joint pain and relaxes after intensive workouts.
Mechanical applicator movements create effective, mild and long-lasting pressure, which is especially needed when treating cellulite and in the presence of “orange peel skin”. When lymphatic circulation is stimulated, it eliminates toxins from fat deposits more effectively.

The new generation French presotherapy device PULSTAR TechnologyR PSX is the result of 40 years of accumulated experience, knowledge and research in the field of medicine, beauty and wellness.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Upon arrival, the specialist will advise you, select the appropriate procedure parameters, and advise you on further course. One hour before the procedure it is recommended to skip liquids. Procedures are not recommended if you are pregnant.

The procedure is performed by placing the PULSTAR XS applicator on the legs, hips and torso. When they begin to vibrate, they create special intensive pressure waves that have a positive effect on lymphatic drainage, blood flow to the legs, and destroys cellulite. The procedure is not painful, and takes 30 minutes.

You will feel the results after the first procedure, the legs become very light, the swelling and muscle tension disappear, a kick of energy will be noticed due to increased blood flow. For long-term effects, such as more defined body shape, reduced cellulite, a lymphatic drainage massage course is recommended, which is selected individually.


Lymph drainage massage – presstherapy (1 time)

29 €

Lymph drainage massage – press therapy (7 times)

183 €


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