Facelift and skin stretch with EMFACE

As we age, not only the skin loses elasticity and firmness, but also the facial muscles, the subcutaneous connective tissue and the upper aponeurotic system of the muscles that form the facial contour. Facial tissues seem to “droop” downwards, the face “sags” and the lower jaw loses its contour.

However, by stimulating certain facial lifting muscles, increasing their elasticity and volume, it is possible to achieve a completely natural facelift effect. For example, restoring the youthful structure of the cheek muscles not only makes the cheeks more beautiful, but also the contour of the lower jaw and the neck muscle, while stimulating the forehead lifting muscle makes the eyebrows lift and the whole eye area look more attractive.

This is exactly the effect of the EMFACE procedure, a world innovation that high-end equipment manufacturer BTL introduced in Europe at the IMCAS show held in Paris in 2023. The EMFACE treatment stimulates both skin and facial muscles naturally and without any needles, which means a more youthful complexion in just 20 minutes. And all this with no needles, no incisions and no recovery period!

SAPIEGOS clinic is one of the first clinics in Lithuania to purchase this device and the only clinic in Lithuania where the EMFACE procedure always starts with a free consultation with a dermatovenerologist, who will professionally assess your needs and suggest the best treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

During the EMFACE treatment, the connective tissue of the skin and the muscles of the face are stimulated by two energy sources: synchronised radiofrequency and HIFES™ (high intensity facial electrostimulation). Synchronised radiofrequency restores and smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing collagen and elastin fibres. Meanwhile, the patented HIFES™ technology restores and lifts facial tissue by selectively contracting the muscles, increasing the density and quality of the muscle structure.

During the procedure, 3 applicators are applied: one on the forehead and two on the cheek area. One electrode is placed on the back between the shoulder blades. The intensity of the treatment is continuously adapted to the client’s individual sensations and needs.

SAPIEGOS clinic IS a certified partner of BTL aesthetic company, working according to the highest quality standards. To prove the effectiveness of the device itself, BTL aesthetic has carried out a number of clinical trials which have confirmed that this procedure actually WORKS. The doctor of our clinic, Aušrinė Ramanauskaitė, also shared information about it with L‘officiel magazine.

Prior to the procedure, you will be offered a free consultation with a dermatovenereologist, who will tell you in detail about the possibilities and results of EMFACE, as well as draw up a personalised treatment plan.

Results Results


BTL, the manufacturer of EMFACE, has carried out more than 30 clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of the device and has discovered that a course of 4 treatments every 5 to 10 days is required to achieve maximum results. Although the first results are visible immediately after the treatments, the real results are observed within 8-12 weeks

The results that can be achieved after skin and muscle stimulation with EMFACE:

  • Finer contours of the cheeks, lower jaw and chin.
  • Raised eyebrows and lip corners.
  • On average, a 26% increase in collagen in the skin and up to 100% increase in elastin.
  • An average 37% reduction in wrinkles and a 23% tightening of the facial skin.

EMFACE achieves the effect of a naturally youthful complexion: wrinkles are reduced, skin is lifted and tightened. And most importantly, all this without any needles, with no healing period and in just 20 minutes. It’s like a facial yoga that could never be replicated with your own hands only.

The length of time you can enjoy the results depends on your individual body characteristics, lifestyle and other factors. Follow-up treatments are recommended every 4-6 months.

Additionally, EMFACE can be combined with botulinum injections, as these treatments are even complementary. This is because they work on different muscle groups: EMFACE is designed to strengthen the elevator muscles of the face, while botulinum toxin relaxes the facial depressors (the muscles that “pull” the face down). In some cases, when too much botulinum toxin is injected into the frontalis (forehead) muscle, it causes the eyebrows to “droop”. In this case, the EMFACE procedure can help to “lift” the eyebrows by stimulating the frontalis muscle. EMFACE can also be combined with other treatments, which are best offered by our team of professional dermatovenerologists.

 BREAKING NEWS! EMFACE SUBMENTUM: A Revolutionary Solution for Stubborn Double Chin Fat.  BREAKING NEWS! EMFACE SUBMENTUM: A Revolutionary Solution for Stubborn Double Chin Fat.

BREAKING NEWS! EMFACE SUBMENTUM: A Revolutionary Solution for Stubborn Double Chin Fat.

More than 55% of women and 40% of men struggle with the visible issue of excess fat beneath the chin, often resistant to traditional methods such as diet and facial exercises.

Introducing EMFACE SUBMENTUM, also known as “double chin removal,” a cutting-edge treatment specifically engineered to target and dissolve fat cells in the submental area. This innovative procedure effectively breaks down stubborn fat deposits, facilitating their natural elimination from the body.

Key Features:

  • ✔️ Needle-free
  • ✔️ No bruising
  • ✔️ Achieves a remarkable 31% reduction in double chin appearance
  • ✔️ Quick and convenient 20-minute sessions, with a recommended course of 4 treatments

Say goodbye to the frustrating double chin and welcome a more defined jawline.

Foreign experience Foreign experience

Foreign experience

EMFACE technology has been developed in collaboration with world-leading aesthetic physicians such as Dr. Melanie Palm, Dr. Charles Boyd, Dr. Joel L. Cohen, Dr. Nathalie Fournier.

This innovation has already won numerous awards, the most recent being ‘Cosmopolitan’s Holy Grail Beauty Award for Best Treatment Game Changer’.

This revolution is being talked about all over the world. Reviews can be found in both BRITISH VOGUE ir COSMOPOLITAN.

Am I the right candidate

If you dream of a more youthful and resilient complexion, if you want to enhance your facial contours and jawline; moreover, if you want to get rid of wrinkles, this is the treatment for you. EMFACE is also ideal for both women and men who want to take care of their facial skin quickly and painlessly.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Before the procedure

It is recommended not to use oily body lotions the day before and the day of the treatment. Before the treatment, the face is cleansed and disinfected, so you can prepare your make-up foundation in advance in case you need to cover up any light redness that may appear later. The areas where the applicators are attached must be free of hair, so men need to shave thoroughly just before the procedure. It is recommended to drink more water a few days before the procedure. Do not forget to tell the specialist about your health condition, medications, previous aesthetic and other procedures during the pre-treatment consultation.

During the procedure

The procedure is painless. Due to the radiofrequency energy, you will feel a pleasant warmth during the EMFACE treatment, as well as involuntary contractions of certain facial muscle groups. Tingling, gentle pinching or tickling may be experienced.

After the procedure

The skin may be slightly red at the applicator site for a few hours due to the increased blood circulation during the treatment; however, you can return to your daily routine immediately. For best results, we recommend a course of at least 4 treatments every 5-10 days, with no major intervals, and results will become apparent within 8-12 weeks.


REDUCED DOUBLE CHIN | 4-Session course focused on the chin area + 1 lifting effect chin mask PLATYSMA(-51%)

1399 € 679 €

1 EMFACE procedure, 2 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin | First procedure*(-50%)

599 € 299 €

1 EMFACE procedure, 3 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin | First procedure*(-50%)

799 € 399 €

1 EMFACE procedure, 2 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin (-33%)

599 € 399 €

1 EMFACE procedure, 3 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin (-38%)

799 € 499 €

Course of 3 EMFACE procedures, 2 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin | The price of one procedure is 259 Eur. (-57%)

1797 € 777 €

Course of 3 EMFACE procedures, 3 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin | The price of one procedure is 343 Eur. (-57%)

2397 € 1030 €

Course of 4 EMFACE procedures, 2 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin | The price of one procedure is 259 Eur. (-57%)

2396 € 1036 €

Course of 4 EMFACE procedures, 3 areas: forehead/cheeks/double-chin | The price of one procedure is 343 Eur. (-57%)

3196 € 1372 €

Enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT on SUNEKOS youth points injections when you purchase a course of 3 or 4 EMFACE procedures.**


*The discount for the first procedure is valid for existing and new clients of the clinic when trying the EMFACE procedure for the first time.

**20% DISCOUNT on Suneka's Youth Point Injections applies to the purchase of a course of 4 or 3 EMFACE treatments.


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