PRP hair injections

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure. It is a regenerative medicine technique that involves autologous injections. The procedure uses plasma from the same patient’s own blood with blood particles – platelets – concentrated in it. When this plasma is injected into the skin, the platelets release a number of growth factors. These lead to biostimulation of the skin and its follicles, faster regeneration and the formation of new blood vessels. This treatment is probably the most natural method of stimulating hair growth.

The results of the PRP procedure not only allow you to enjoy natural hair growth on your scalp, but also help you to regain your confidence.

“Sapiegos Clinic” uses safe, certified ” REGENLAB“, “Endoret PRGF” and “ARTREX-PRP” methods to obtain the highest concentration of platelets and release growth factors.

Why choose PRP? Why choose PRP?

Why choose PRP?

Hair loss is usually caused by a lack of scalp cell renewal. Thus, PRP therapy is an excellent choice as it stimulates the production of new healthy cells. It is a simple and completely natural treatment method.

The procedure involves taking a small amount of blood, like a normal blood test, and using a local anaesthetic (ointment), so there is very little discomfort. PRP ensures safe and reliable results and a very fast recovery period.

Advantages of the PRP procedure

  • Thicker and healthier natural looking hair;
  • Noticeably faster hair growth;
  • Production of new healthy cells;
  • Reduced hair dystrophy and burning/itching sensation;
  • Can be used as a safe and effective treatment for Alopecia Areata (AA).


PRP (Plasmolifting) for hair loss and thinning (Regenlab/Endoret)*

279 €

PRP (Plasmolifting) for hair loss and thinning with double syringe system (Arthrex ACP)*

299 €

Drug injections into baldness, inflammatory foci, scars.

99 €


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