Biorevitalization is a skin revitalization procedure that restores the elasticity of the skin and provides glowing appearance by irrigating the skin. Hyaluronic acid is used during this treatment, which is great for restoring moisture of the skin and reducing fine lines. It gives the skin a brighter and younger appearance.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

This treatment is done on all facial and décolleté areas. Hyaluronic acid is a really important part of a connective tissue of the skin. It is characterized by a special ability to connect water molecules, so it maintains the moisture of the skin. When the skin is starting to age – the hyaluronic acid starts to dispose from it, that is why the skin starts to form wrinkles, and that is why additional recovery with hyaluronic dermal fillers is a straight and most acceptable way to recover the skin. Using hyaluronic dermal fillers the gaps between collagen fibres which are in extracellular space are filled evenly, and the skin is moisturized intensively. Also, collagen (one of the most important albumins in the skin which determines the elasticity of the skin) synthesis is stimulated, its decay is slowed down and the skin starts to produce its own hyaluronic acid, which means that new dermal fibres are formed. It is important to mention that hyaluronic dermal fillers give naturally looking results, it smoothes out wrinkles on cheeks, forehead, eye contour, nasal and lip areas.

Am I a suitable candidate?

This treatment can help if you:

Complain about dry skin;
Your skin became less elastic;
The stress you are feeling is noticeable on your skin;
Skin looks dull and has lost its shine;
Skin is damaged by sun exposure;
You want to look after your skin prophylactically, before there are any signs of aging;
You want to restore your skin after various aggressive procedures;
You want to even out the relief of the skin.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

There is no need for a special preparation before the treatment, but it is recommended to avoid exposure in the sun, sunbathe and not to take certain medications which can influence the treatment (blood-thinning agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – if you have taken something – tell the doctor).

A small amount (1 ml) of a big concentration (10-20 mg/ml) of free hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin with a thin needle. This preparation evenly fills in the gaps between collagen fibers and this way irrigation of the skin starts. The synthesis of collagen is stimulated and new skin fibers are formed. The patient feels the improvement of the skin very quickly after this treatment. The skin gets the effect of “glowing skin”, which means that the structure of the skin improves, the fine lines reduce, the relief and tone of the skin evens out as well as the skin becomes elastic and moisturized. This treatment last from 30 to 60 minutes depending on volume of work. Anesthetic can be used if there is a request.
Only certified medical preparations, which comply with the strictest medical research standards, technologically ensure the safety, reliability and the expected survivability of the result, are used in Sapiega clinic. It is certified hyaluronic dermal fillers, which were carried out in clinical trials, whose long-term results were monitored and compared.

There might be redness or swelling noticed on the skin after the treatment, but it’s a normal reaction that usually disappears within a few hours. Papules, which appear on the treated areas can remain for a few days, until the hyaluronic acid will be absorbing. It is recommended to avoid saunas and sun exposure after the treatment (usually up to a week). The specialist will provide you with all necessary information about skin care at home.


*Receive a 20% price reduction when you buy a series of three procedures.

- 20%

Biorevitalisation with Fillmed M-HA18 product (18 mg HA/1 ml)*

199 €

Biorevitalisation Neauvia Hydra Deluxe (18 mg HA /2,5 ml)*

279 €

Biorevitalisation with Fillmed M-HA18 product (18 mg HA/1 ml*2vnt.)(-20%)

398 € 319 €

Consultation with dermatologist during the procedure(-25%)

299 € 225 €


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