Dr. Dermatologist consultation

The skin is the largest and most visible organ in our body.  It takes on many important functions, one of the most important of which is the skin’s protective role as a barrier against environmental influences, trauma, and infection. There is a high probability that many people (infants, children, adolescents, adults or seniors) will develop a skin disease at least once in their lives.

Dermatology and consultation Dermatology and consultation

Dermatology and consultation

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that studies, diagnoses and treats the skin, its appendages (sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair and nails) and mucous membranes. So, a dermatologist is a specialist doctor you can turn to if you have any changes in the skin, scalp, hair or nails.

Changes that may occur:

  • Fungal, bacterial, viral skin infections;
  • dermatitis (contact, atopic, seborrheic);
  • acne;
  • rosacea;
  • psoriasis;
  • pigmentation disorders;
  • warts and other benign skin formations;
  • precancerous lesions and skin cancer;
  • other skin changes.

What is dermatological consultation?

A dermatological consultation includes a patient consult, a clinical assessment of the skin and visible mucous membranes, a commentary on the tests, diagnosis, the prescription of a treatment, an explanation of the procedure, a comparison of the available procedures, and recommendations after the procedure.

Additional tests may be performed to clarify the diagnosis: blood tests, dermatoscopy/digital dermatoscopy to evaluate and monitor the lesions, bacteria cultures, skin biopsy with further histopathological examination. In the latter case, a small piece of skin is taken for analysis and sent to a laboratory for further examination.

In the case of nail disease, a mycological examination (microscopy and culture) is usually carried out to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of fungus. In the case of hair diseases, a trichogram may be performed. Once the diagnosed, appropriate treatment is selected according to modern dermatological guidelines.

The list of dermatologists is here.

Medical and aesthetic dermatology

In addition to classic dermatological treatments, our clinic offers the most innovative laser facial and body procedures that can solve or cure many skin problems.

We use of the best lasers from well-known companies, such as “Candela”, “Lumenis”, “Syneron”, “Lutronic” and “Asclepion Laser Technologies”. These are the market leaders in medical lasers field.

For more information about all dermatological procedures that are performed with laser, see:

  • Laser removal of moles;
  • Removal of papillomas and other derivatives;
  • Capillary removal;
  • Pigment spots removal;
  • Scars treatment.

During the dermatologist consultation at the “Sapiegos Clinic”, you can also find out which method best rejuvenates the skin. From a wide range of aesthetic procedures, our dermatologist will choose one that will be ideal for your skin type and condition.

Hyaluronic acid fillers and botulinum toxin therapies – are most popular treatments after rejuvenation, allowing you to enjoy the fastest results. Laser skin rejuvenation, mesotherapy, biorevitalization and PRP also provide excellent aesthetic results, but depending on the doctor’s recommendation, in many cases several treatments may be necessary. Fractional skin rejuvenation shows excellent results, but the recovery time will be slightly longer, between 5 and 10 days, depending on the depth of laser penetration.

Medical and aesthetic dermatology Medical and aesthetic dermatology


Dr. Dermatovenereologist consultation

89 €

Dr. Dermatovenereologist consultation - for children

99 €

Dr. Dermatovenereologist consultation for ACNE treatment

99 €

Dr. Oncodermatologist consultation

99 €

Dr. Trichologist consultation

99 €

Consultation by a dermatovenereologist (Dr. Eglė Aukštuolienė)

129 €

Dr. Dermatovenerologist consultation with dermatoscopy

99 €

Dr. Trichologist consultation with digital examination "TrichoScan"

148 €

Dr. Dermatovenereologist's repeat visit (within 1 month)

69 €

Continuation of treatment (prescription issuance) with a brief doctor's examination

49 €

Continuation of treatment (prescription issuance) without a doctor's visit

29 €

Dr. Dermatovenerologist consultation removal of formations

49 €

Digital dermatoscopy with "FotoFinder

39 €

Digital examination of hair follicles "TrichoScan"

49 €



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