Mechanical face cleaning

Mechanical facial cleansing is one of the most popular and effective facial treatments for healthy, beautiful facial skin. Clogged facial skin pores or acne troubles more than 80% of the population. The most common effects of this problem are the polluted environment and an unhealthy lifestyle. With deep skin contamination, when no scrubs or home-use masks can help, professional mechanical cleaning of the face is needed.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

Mechanical facial cleansing is a hygienic procedure that mechanically removes impurities from the skin, such as deep acne, comedones, blackheads and milia. This facial cleansing method is time-proved and probably the most effective way of not only restoring the skin’s brightness and luminosity, but also getting rid of unwanted bumps and acne.

It is important to note that a properly performed mechanical facial cleansing cannot worsen the condition of your skin. A professionally performed procedure ensures both a healthier skin condition and better absorption of skincare products. However, sometimes it is not possible to remove all the impurities accumulated in the skin in a single treatment, so we recommend a course of several facial cleansing procedures, depending on your individual skin condition.

Mechanical facial cleansing can be combined with other procedures such as ultrasound, chemical peels etc.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Mechanical facial cleansing is suitable for all skin types. If you have facial skin problems – clogged pores, annoying blackheads or painful and purulent pimples – it’s better not to experiment at home, come to “Sapiegos Clinic” – where our cosmetologist will provide professional help and advice on further skin care at home.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?

Why choose?

  • The procedure is suitable for all ages: from adolescent to mature.
  • The facial cleansing procedure can be carried out at any time of the year – summer or winter.
  • No more comedones, no more clogged pores, cleaner and brighter skin.
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

No special preparation is required, but we recommend staying away from the sun or solarium. Upon arrival, the cosmetologist will inspect you, evaluate your skin condition and advise you on proper skincare. We ensure that face cleaning procedures in “Sapiega Clinic” are done by highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in this field.

During the procedure, the face is cleansed and exfoliated with special lotions and scrubs. Old and dead skin cells are removed. The face is then moisturised with special products to open up the pores and remove all the harmful substances that have remained in the skin. After this stage, deep pimples, blackheads and comedones are carefully squeezed out. The skin is then cleansed with a specific cleanser, rebalanced, toned, whitened and brightened. Then, depending on your skin type, a special soothing mask is applied, either to tighten the pores or to moisturise. At the end of the treatment, a light facial massage is performed with a soothing cream and serums. The result is visible after just one treatment – deeper acne, comedones, blackheads, and a brighter and smoother complexion.

The procedure can be performed on the areas of the face, neck, décolleté or back. The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.

For a few days after the face cleaning procedure, skin might be a bit more sensitive, slightly red. Avoid cosmetics while you`re feeling increased skin sensitivity. Also, as long as skin irritation is felt, direct sunlight or sunbathing in the sauna should be avoided and additional sunscreens should be used.

After the procedure, the cosmetologist will consult and give advice on further skin care at home based on your individual skin type and condition.


Mechanical cleaning of the face

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