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Facial treatments according to the skin type

Skin reflects the physical and emotional state of a person. Healthy and luminous skin is every woman’s dream. However, if you want to enjoy gorgeous, healthy and youthful skin, certain face procedures are essential.

In order to properly take care of your skin you must know your skin type, since that will determine what kind of cosmetic products are best for you, and what you should avoid at all costs. It’s rather difficult to assess your skin type on your own, you might make incorrect assumption and end up using products that are not only not helping your skin, but possibly even harm your skin. Therefore, we recommend visiting Sapiega Clinic where professional, highly qualified cosmetologist will assess your skin and determine your skin type, matching the right products to your individual needs.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

The skin type is encoded for each human in the DNA, and we cannot change it. The skin can be: normal, dry, oily and mixed. Different skin types require different cosmetics and different facial treatments. Our procedures can be used to: nourish, hydrate, regenerate, or restore the protective layer of the skin. During the visit, a professional cosmetologist will select an individual procedure for your skin type and condition. The selected procedure is performed using only authentic French cosmetics products of Biologique Recherche, which have excellent healing properties and astonishing efficacy. The procedure usually takes 60 minutes.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?

Am I a suitable candidate?

Both men and woman can choose this procedure. The procedure is intended for those who want to take preventive care of their skin’s health before they experience any discomfort. Also, if the corresponding skin disorders have appeared or exacerbated due to inappropriate skin care. If the skin is dry, dull, lost its shine and luminosity, damaged by the sun or needs restoring after aggressive procedures. This procedure will not only help rebuild and balance the skin, but also provide useful knowledge of how to properly care for the skin in the future.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

No special preparation before the treatment is needed. The cosmetologist will evaluate your skin condition and select the right cosmetic products for your skin type. We ensure that the team at Sapiega Clinic is highly professional and has many years of experience in the field.

Before starting the procedure, the skin surface is thoroughly cleaned with a special cleanser, removing make-up residues, dirt and excess oils. The facial procedure is performed in several stages, each using different means specifically for your skin type: lotions, scrubs, masks, serums and creams.

Cosmetic products are applied and distributed in an appropriate manner, using massage techniques. We use only authentic French cosmetic products – Biologique Recherche, which have an amazing performance and excellent healing properties.

Due to unique Biologique Recherche cosmetics composition, the results are visible immediately after the procedure. The skin becomes incredibly smooth, looks beautiful and develops healthy glow. The affect is long-lasting. After a facial treatment, depending on your skin type, a cosmetologist will provide individual recommendations for further skin care at home.

Facial treatments according to the skin type kainos

Facial treatment according to the skin type

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