Alexandrite laser hair removal

Imagine velvety soft legs that are pleasurable to touch knowing that no hair will grow back today, the day after tomorrow or even in a year. Or armpits that don’t need to be shaved with a razor or epilated every day, what can cause pain of teething. And that hair from your upper lip that’s now gone, so many years’ worth of hiding it under a thick layer of make-up! To enjoy a body that looks like it’s been permanently photoshopped, all you have to do is entrust it to the professionals at „Sapiegos Clinic “, who have more than 8 years of experience in laser hair removal. Our specialists will use the world-renowned USA “Candela Medical” alexandrite lasers “GentleLase PRO”, “GentleMax PRO” and the new one 2022 “GentleMax PRO PLUS to carry out a long-lasting hair removal procedure that can make anyone look like a star.

One of the most popular procedures One of the most popular procedures

One of the most popular procedures

Laser hair removal treatments are gaining popularity worldwide at an astonishing rate. Why? Firstly, they effectively deal with medical and aesthetic problems, while also tackling psychological difficulties that go with them. A long-time problem simply disappears, giving a sense of satisfaction every time, you look at yourself in the mirror, sunbathe on the beach or take a dip in the pool. And it also saves you time: laser hair removal gives you long-lasting results, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of almost daily hair removal treatments. Laser treatments also improves the quality of your skin by eliminating the need for razor blades, waxing or epilating, reducing the risk of infections and ingrown hairs. Hair removal with USA “Candela Medical” alexandrite lasers “GentleLase PRO”, “GentleMax PRO” and the new one “GentleMax PRO PLUS” is safe because at a depth of 755 nm, the laser light selectively interacts with the hair melanin in the skin, without damaging the surrounding tissue, i.e. selective photothermolysis. For darker skin types, the practitioner can combine several wavelengths in a single treatment, i.e. the alexandrite laser and the “Nd:YAG” laser, which reaches the deeper follicles (wavelength 1064 nm) and ensures the safety of the treatment even for darker skin types.

Is the procedure effective?

Unlike other treatments, alexandrite laser hair removal provides long-lasting results. It may seem like an expensive indulgence, but in the end the investment is lesser, comparing to waxing or shaving with a blade.

It has been scientifically proven that alexandrite laser is extremely precise, needing fewer treatments to achieve perfect result, comparing to other lasers. That’s why 13 million hair removal treatments with “GentleLase PRO” lasers are carried out worldwide every year.

After the treatment, your skin feels softer and smoother. It is no longer bothered by ingrown hairs, pimples, blackheads, or brown spots left behind by rashes. This undoubtedly makes daily care easier – no more time for routine depilation or shaving. This boosts self-confidence.

Is the procedure effective? Is the procedure effective?

What to expect from your laser hair removal journey?

Session 1
See around 20% of hair shed after 7-14 days.
Session 2
Ingrown hairs and shaving rash have reduced.
Session 3
Hair reduction begins.
Session 4
Shaving is reduced to 1-2 times in between laser hair removal sessions.
Session 5
Skin feels soft – follicles are minimized.
Session 6
Re-growth becomes lighter and thinner.
Session 7
Gaps between your sessions start to increase.
Session 8
A 90% hair reduction! Specialist will recommend when you should come for top-up sessions. Usually it vary from 1-1.5 years.

Am I a suitable candidate?

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with fair, non-tanned skin and dark hair.

The effectiveness of the procedure therefore depends on the patient’s skin type and the colour, thickness, and root depth of the hair. The darker and thicker the hair, the lighter the surrounding skin, the more effective the results. Those with light hair will need more treatments than those with dark hair. In addition, the effectiveness also depends on the patient’s endocrine system. In the case of ovarian polycystosis or adrenal hyperplasia, more treatments will be required, and maintenance treatments will have to be repeated more often, but the result will be positive. With proper and timely treatment, up to 20% of hair is lost after just one treatment!

“Sapiega Clinic”, renowned for its professional specialists and some of the most modern lasers in the country, is the ideal place for laser hair removal. The clinic also performs a spot test before the procedure to assess how the skin reacts to the laser light.

The result is enviably smooth, hair-free skin and a world of time saved! When you decide to remove unwanted body hair with a laser, you are proving that your attitude towards your body and time management is in line with the XXI century.

Why choose?

  • Effective treatments with the world-renowned USA “Candela Medical” alexandrite lasers “GentleLase PRO” and “GentleMax PRO”, “GentleMax PRO PLUS”.
  • Treatments are carried out by doctors and medical specialists according to the highest medical standards.
  • You won’t have to waste time on routine treatments such as waxing, epilation and razor shaving. This laser hair removal will save your time. 
  • No more ingrown hairs.
  • Soft, smooth skin without unwanted hairs – for a long and pain-free life.

+ Quick + Effective + Painless 

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

  • For 4 weeks prior to the laser hair removal procedure, we recommend that you avoid sunbathing in the sun, a solarium, and wouldn’t use self-tanning creams.
  • For 4 weeks prior to the procedure, we recommend that you do not exfoliate, pluck, or use electric epilators (shaving is allowed).
  • Shave your hair cleanly before the treatment (12-24 hours before).
  • If you are taking antibiotics, we recommend postponing the procedure. Please consult the doctor performing the procedure for any specific medications, supplements, or herbal remedies you are taking.
  • If you are taking isotretinoin for acne, it should be at least 6 months between the start of treatment and the first hair removal procedure.
  • If you have recurrent facial herpes (Herpes Simplex), we recommend that you undergo the procedure after your prophylactic treatment.
  • Do not perform the treatment on tattooed areas or on permanent make-up.
  • The treatment is not recommended during pregnancy.

Once the skin has been cleaned, a laser tip is applied to the skin and the specialist moves it within the specific hair removal area. During the procedure, the alexandrite laser generates a 755 nm beam that penetrates the skin several millimetres deep, reaching the hair follicle. Once the energy reaches the pigment melanin (brown colour) in the hair shaft structure, the rays are absorbed and converted into heat, which irreversibly destroys the hair follicle and the cells responsible for hair growth. The lifetime of a hair is divided into three phases: active growth (anagen), decline (catagen) and dormancy (telogen). It is during the growth phase (anagen) that hair can be removed by laser. While only part of the hair is in the growth phase at any specific time, one treatment is not enough.

For darker skin types, we use the “GentleMax PRO” dual-wavelength laser, which has the option of combining the alexandrite with the “Nd:YAG” lasers, thus ensuring the safety of darker skinned patients.

We recommend avoiding sunbathing and sunbeds for at least 4 weeks after the procedure, also apply a cream with SPF 50 protection level on exposed areas of the body.

The most common side effects after laser hair removal:

– One of the most common complications is swelling, redness of the skin around the follicles, which can last from a few minutes to several hours.

– Rare complications include a burn, that can be caused either due to the patient’s use of specific medications (e.g., oral antibiotics, isotretinoin), followed by the development of short-term photosensitivity, i.e., photosensitisation, or due to the laser settings choice, that are too strong. Therefore, it is very important to entrust the procedures to certified medical professionals with have years of experience, selecting all the right laser settings and assessing all the possible risks.


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Legs (full length)(-41%)

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Bikini (Classic / Brazilian) area (-21%)

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Buttock area

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Consultation with a specialist during the procedure



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SINGLE AREA OFFER: 20% discount for 3 areas of hair removal in ONE YEAR. A 20% discount for a course of 4 treatments.

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    Your „Sapiegos klinika“

    Is the procedure painful?
    At “Sapiega Clinic”, hair removal is performed with the “GentleLase PRO” and “GentleMax PRO” alexandrite lasers, which are recognised worldwide as the "gold standard". Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, they ensure a fast, safe procedure with minimal discomfort. They incorporate a modern Dynamic Cooling System (DCD). Before each laser pulse, the skin is coated with a cooling mist of Freon, ensuring that the procedure is not only effective but also painless. For more sensitive patients, the Zimmer German cold air system is used to ensure the comfort of the procedure.
    How long does the procedure take?
    The duration of the procedures is surprisingly short. It depends on the specific area of the body: for hair removal on smaller areas such as the upper lip, the procedure can take just a few minutes, but for hair removal on the bikini area, expected time would be 15-20 minutes.
    How many treatments does it take to say goodbye to hair forever?
    Between 4 and 8 treatments are usually enough for a long-lasting effect. It is recommended to have them every 4 to 10 weeks, depending on where the treatment is performed. It is important to take breaks because the laser light interacts best with the melanin in the growth phase of the hair, i.e., the anagen phase.
    Which areas can be removed?
    The hair removal laser has a very wide range of applications. Women usually want to achieve long-lasting softness of the skin on their legs, get rid of tendrils, and avoid the daily procedures such as removing hair on the underarms, bikini line and other areas. Ingrown hairs are another problem that laser treatments solves flawlessly - after just a few courses, you can forget about it. Men usually prefer to remove hair on the neck, chest, armpits, back or abdomen. Of course, hair can be removed in various areas of the body, but there are a few exceptions: the eyelids and the eyeball area.