Breast augmentation

Many women are not satisfied with their breasts, because sometimes they are naturally smaller, or during the time of puberty, the glandular development of breast tissue develops asymmetrically, so one of the breasts may be significantly larger than the other. The breast augmentation surgery is one of those procedures that helped thousands of women around the world achieve beautiful breasts and trust themselves.

About the procedure

Plastic surgery can improve the appearance of your breasts, give them feminine shape as desired. This is a surgical operation during which your breasts can become larger, rounder and firmer. All of this is combined with the patient’s natural appearance, desires, and with a purpose to have not only more beautiful breasts, but also to gain more self-confidence. This surgery is leading in the beauty industry among women for many years, and the interest is still growing.

When you are preparing for a breast augmentation surgery, the first step is the primary consultation with a plastic surgeon. You will learn more about the main steps of the preparation process,  discuss your health condition, risks and expectations. Your breasts will be examined and measured by a surgeon, so that it would be easier to select the best-suited size of implants for you. The specialist will provide you with information about the types of impants and surgical methods. If you are unable to attend the initial consultation, we can always consult you remotely by e-mail: info@sapiegosklinika.lt

Am I a suitable candidate?

The surgery is perfect for women with relatively smaller, saggy breasts, and realistic expectations.

There are several main requirements before the surgery: Good health condition – women’s immunity and co-diseases are very important, as it can affect the general condition;

Age – younger women recover faster after the surgery, and can expect better results. Also, age can affect the type of implant you want to choose;

Expectations – they have to be realistic. It is important to understand that each woman is an individual, and that the imaginary ideal breasts do not look exactly the same on a particular body;

Understanding of the process – you must evaluate the risks and advantages of the operation with the surgeon, to understand the potential consequences, before any surgical intervention.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Breast augmentation is a very common surgery, with the highest rate of patient satisfaction, but, as before any other operation, it is necessary to clearly discuss all the details, the potential risks and post-operative period with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Plastic surgeon Gediminas Rauba or Jelena Romanova-Paškevič will be happy to advise you.

The desired breast size is the main condition of the desired aesthetic result when choosing breast implants. Accurate breast base measurement is the main starting point for choosing the volume and size of breast implants. An open conversation about the desired cleavage with the selected surgeon is another important aspect. You can also discuss about the desired fullness of the upper breast area or how breasts will look while wearing certain clothes or swimsuit. You may need to discuss the asymmetry of the breasts and various aspects which include nipples.

Breast implants can be round, oval or contour shape, several different sizes and projections. To increase the fullness of the breast upper part – implants with round shape are used, and to give fullness in the lower part of the breasts and to mimic the natural breast shape – implants with oval or teardrop shape are used.

We always recommend MOTIVA (US) implants that meet the highest quality standards applicable for such products, and they are approved in more than 60 countries around the world.

Implants are filled with only exceptional, soft, form-retaining gels ProgressiveGel, ProgressiveGel PLUS, ProgressiveGel ULTIMA, guaranteeing protection against rupture of the implant during insertion, filling’s outflow and undesired movement of the implant.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia and it usually takes about two to three hours depending on the volume of the surgery, as sometimes in combination with breast augmentation – breast asymmetry is corrected with breast lift and sprain. During the procedure an incision is made on the area through which the implant will be placed. You select the most suitable incision for you with a surgeon, considering the lowest possibility of the scarring and individual breast structure. There are three most common options for incision, all of them are small, so that there would be lesser marks after the surgery:

Incision made under the breast in their natural groove – it is perhaps the most common choice, since the area under the breast is covered by it, so even a small scar will be hidden.

Around the lower edge of the nipple – this area is also often selected, incision is semi-circle-shaped, negligible.

Incision in underarm area – incision is made through the axillary line.

Implants can be inserted in two different areas – above the pectoral muscle (under the breast gland) or under the chest muscle (deeper, above the ribs).

Implant formation above the chest muscle does not harm or disrupt the chest muscle, therefore there will be no discomfort, and recovery will be a lot faster.  Breasts will also be less swollen, so right after the surgery it will look a lot more attractive. However, there is a higher risk of postoperative complications – the formation of capsular contractures, ptosis (especially with larger implants), and also it’s more difficult to perform a high-quality mammography examination.

Implant formation under the chest muscle has a bit more advantages– lower risk of complications (capsular contracture, infections, ptosis), also less problems during a mammogram. However, it is important to note that in this case greater pain, swelling, and longer postoperative period and recovery time is needed.
There is another option when the implant is formed partly under the gland and partly under the muscle – implant is under the gland in the lower part of the breast, it lifts and stretches the breast, and in the upper part of the breast it is under the chest muscle.

Postoperative phase of the healing process depends on the patient’s personal characteristics and other variable factors. During the first 48 hours you are likely to feel pain, the body temperature and swelling can rise up, which will disappear later on.

Typically, a day after the surgery the patient stays in the clinic and medical professional postoperative care is ensured. If everything is going smoothly and you are feeling good after the first day – you can go home. On the first day you can feel stronger pain which will gradually decrease and later on there will be only an ache. For some time, your breasts will be more sensitive, particularly in the nipple area. Do not be surprised if your breasts will be swollen and firmer than usual, it is normal. The stitches will be removed and your postoperative health condition will be evaluated one week after the surgery. Further visits to the surgeon should take place after 1 month and then after half a year, so that the surgeon would make sure that everything is going smoothly.  If you work in sedentary, inactive work – you will be able to return back a week after the surgery. You will be able to do physical activity and exercises after 4-6 weeks.

Since the results are visible right after the surgery, no doubt, that the recovery period will be pleasant and certainly will not take long.

Evens like this can appear after the surgery: hematoma, pain, swelling, infection and nipple sensitivity.

Complications are rare, one of the possible – bleeding near the implant during the first days. Connective capsule of the tissue could also form, which could deform the implant. It usually happens when the implant is formed under the gland. All complications can be corrected.


Breast augmentation with round implants

3000 - 4010 €

Breast augmentation with anatomical implants

3000 - 4010 €

Breast augmentation with ergonomic implants

3000 - 4010 €

Breast enlargement with polyurethane round implants

3000 - 4010 €

Breast enlargement with polyurethane anatomical implants

3000 - 4010 €

Breast augmentation with B-Lite implants

3000 - 4010 €

Implant removal surgery

1200 - 2600 €

Breast lift (using implants)

4000 - 4400 €

Breast lift (without using implants)

3000 - 3200 €

Fat transplantation surgery (basic price)

1700 €

Fat transplantation surgery (each additional area)

100 €