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Laser removal of blood vessels

Powerfull, versatile and with a lot of facings: German QuadroStarPRO Yellow has a yellow wavelenghth of 577 nm, with a cutting edge technology, which is suitable for treatments of vascular violations. This laser is characterized by maximum absorption of hemoglobin, which is why it is really appreciated by laser dermatology specialists. Because of integrated reader with skin-cooling system, the treatment of larger areas of skin is safe, painless and with no side effects.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

QuadroStarPRO Yellow represents a new standard when it comes to treating vascular lesions, like: telangiectasia, cuperosis, rosacea, angiomas, hemangiomas, wine stains and other.
Beams are directed to a damaged vessel and absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood. Then the blood warms up because of the beams. As a result, the inner wall of blood vessel becomes swollen, loses its integrity and depending on lumen of the vessel span – occlusion happens and vessels heal over. For small enlarged blood vessels, which usually are red and on the surface of the skin, yellow or green laser beams are used, because they are well absorbed by the blood, but water absorbs it badly. Since most of the skin consists of water – skin around capillaries remains cold, so there is a minimal risk to damage tissues nearby.

Am I a suitable candidate?

If you have capillary damage on your face or other body parts – then you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Before every treatment a specialist will examine areas that will be treated, you will discuss future results and other important things like home care.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

It is recommended to avoid ultraviolet rays, like exposure in the sun or soliarium, on the treated areas for at least 4 weeks until the treatment. You should also not use any anticoagulants (blood-thining medicines, like – Orfarin and Aspirin) for at least 3 days until the treatment. There can be no pathological changes (inflammation, fester and other) on the area that will be treated.

Light pulse, which is released by a laser, causes a slight prick sense, which is a sign of effective treatment. This way blood vessels and capillaries are removed without any side effect. The treated area is cooled off with a cold pack.
Duration of the procedure depends on the size of damaged area, and it takes from a few to several minutes. The skin can be red or swollen after the treatment. You can also feel a sligh heat on the treated area, which passes within 24 hours.

It is recommended to congeal the treated area until you will feel a pleasant feeling. You should avoid the sun exposure and intensive sun (solarium) without sunscreen on treated areas for at least 6 weeks. Use sunscreen (not less than SPF 50) if you have to be outdoors. You should also avoid intensive workouts, hot bathing, saunas for at least 5 days after the treatment. Avoid skin redness, because of alcohol, hot spices or other similar substance usage.

The treatment procedure is never without a risk. The most common side effects of this treatment:
Depending on the amount of damage – skin redness, swelling and/or sensible heat feeling can appear after the treatment. Crusts or vesicles can appear, which can not be manipulated;
Sometimes lesions in pigmentation can appear (damaged skin brightens or darkens in the treated areas), but it usually takes a few weeks to several months.
Visible discolouration, scarring or skin inclusions can appear in rare cases.

Laser removal of blood vessels kainos

A single capillary

42 €

Hemangioma, cherry angiomas

79 €

The area around the nose

79 €

All areas of the nose

99 €

Facial area

219 €


79 €


129 -189


69 €

Both thighs area

199 - 279

Both shins

199 - 219

Dermatologist's consultation before the procedure

free of charge