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Meta therapy

Meta therapy is the latest breakthrough in the beauty industry. This procedure is a safe and effective alternative for plastic surgery, and helps lift, restore, moisturize facial skin, as well as improve its structure and even out wrinkles. Additionally, Meta therapy is an appropriate procedure to reduce skin redness and acne scars.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

The newest Dermatude Meta-Ject FX 100 device with the integrated digital engine and exceptionally thin needles that can make up to 2000 micro-perforations per second is used during Meta therapy. Micro-perforations are safe and effective, since they only reach the upper layer of the dermis (the basal cells) during the procedure. The skin instantly reacts to micro-perforations and starts collagen and elastin synthesis, which is a natural skin regeneration that does not cause any under-skin scars and leaves no side effects, so you can repeat the procedure as needed. A variety of serums are used during the procedure in order to maximise the effect – serums with vitamins, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, enzymes and other special extracts.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?

Am I a suitable candidate?

This new and unique method is suitable for all skin types, from extremely dry skin to very oily skin, as well as damaged by UV rays, or aged skin that has lost its elasticity. This procedure helps reduce wrinkles in various parts of the face, also helps rejuvenate and revitalize areas of neck and décolleté, improves skin structure, shrinks pores, improves firmness and reduces under eye bags.

  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

Before the Meta therapy procedure you’ll discuss your expectatons and all the steps with a specialist at Sapiega Clinic. There’s no need for special preparation, the skin should be clean and without any makeup.

The procedure is painless and safe. During the procedure, micro-perforation is performed with precise accuracy and selectivity on a specific area of skin. The skin is also saturated with active substances depending on the purpose of the procedure – restoration, renewal, hydration, etc. The length of the needles is extremely important for the precise depth of the procedure – micro-perforations affect only the base layer of the dermis and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which is a crucial part of this unique procedure. The procedure is rather quick – it takes from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the scope. For better results, the procedure is performed at intervals of 4 times a week, followed by supportive procedures and elongated visits.

After the procedure the skin might be slightly red, irritated, a slight sensation of discomfort might be noticed. These symptoms, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, can last from several hours to the entire day. If meta-therapy is targeted to smooth out wrinkles, wrinkles may be more intense for several days right after the procedure, with small shadows visible – they will disappear after several days as the skin regenerates. In the early stages (24 hours after the procedure), mechanical contact with the treated area should be avoided – no touching by hands to prevent contamination, no swimming in the pools, bathing, sunbathing or solariums. After 24 hours you can return to your daily activities and continue using makeup.

Meta therapy kainos

META therapy for face

129 €

META therapy for face and neck

149 €

META therapy for face, neck and décolleté

199 €