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Hair mesotherapy

Hair loss or weakening of the hair can affect woman’s self-confidence. Hair loss or hair weakening can appear because of various reasons: unbalanced diet, stress, unsuitable hair care products, genetics, pregnancy or other medical factors. Often these signs appear because of unexplained and various reasons, but results are usually similar and cause a lot of inconveniences. Mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods when it comes to treating hair loss and androgenic alopecia.

About the procedure About the procedure

About the procedure

Mesotherapy is a method where revitalizing ingredients (which are specially balanced for the scalp) are applied with thin needles in the scalp. Biologically active ingredients, also called as “beauty cocktails”, go directly into hair follicles and instantly start nourishing the hair. Mesotherapy is recognized as one of the most effective treatments when it comes to solving scalp problems, because positive effects are noticed on scalp and hair after a single treatment.

Hair mesotherapy cocktails consist of various agents that nourish the hair, and improve blood and oxygen supply to the scalp. Main ingredients – low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, dexpanthenol, clover blossom extract, carnosine, organic silicon and growth factors. A cocktail of such composition allows to perform an effective mesotherapy treatment for androgenic alopecia, hair loss and hair weakening process prevention. These agents help strengthen the structure of the hair, restore the hair and stimulate hair growth. Already grown hair remain longer. Mesotherapy is performed for a few or a dozen of times depending on individual condition and client’s needs. Mesotherapy can help reduce the effects of hair loss significantly. It also saturates the skin with moisture and valuable, necessary substances.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Mesotherapy is suitable for women and men of all ages who are facing androgenic hair loss problems – sun damaged hair, or hair and scalp depleted from other matters. This treatment is also suitable for those who want fuller, healthier and shiny hair. Mesotherapy is not performed for pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from autoimmune diseases, people with active herpes or other infectious skin diseases.

Am I a suitable candidate? Am I a suitable candidate?
  • Before the procedure

  • During the procedure

  • After the procedure

The specialist will analyze the patient’s scalp condition in detail and make decisions about substances that will be applied immediately before treatment. Before the treatment the scalp is carefully examined and then the treatment of mesotherapy begins.

The thinnest needle is used, and the goal is to spread active ingredients evenly by using superficial stabs, allowing the ingredients to nourish the scalp hair follicle. With every sting into the skin a minimal *drop size) amount of ingredient is used. Injection techniques applied in mesotherapy are different, depending on the condition of the skin, and depending on sensitivity of the skin – different needles can be chosen. Treatments are intensified for more dramatic hair loss phenomena.

Treatments are almost painless and allergic reactions are rare. Immediately after the treatment, you can return to your daily activities, but it is not recommended to be exposed to the sun, sunbathe or go to sauna. It is also not recommended to wash your hair or drink alcohol.

The risk of adverse effect is highly related to not enough qualified specialist and inappropriate, non-certified products. However, you should not worry, because at Sapiega clinic mesotherapy is performed only by qualified specialists, and products correspond to the most stringent clinical standards.


Mesotherapy for scalp with Filorga NCTF 135 HA product (2 ml)

69 €