Alexandrite laser hair removal – FREE CONSULTATION

“Sapiegos klinika,” renowned for its professional specialists and cutting-edge lasers in the country, is the perfect place for laser hair removal. Our specialists perform over 8,000 laser hair removal procedures for our clients annually.

We have been working in the field of laser technologies for over 8 years. We constantly keep up with the innovations in the market, trying out the new laser solutions available, so we can assist our clients in achieving the best results, regardless of their skin type or hair characteristics. We firmly believe that laser hair removal is the most effective, convenient, and modern choice.

To ensure maximum safety and comfort, our clinic specialists provide a comprehensive free consultation before the first procedure. During this consultation, the procedure process, principles of laser operation are discussed, all questions are answered, and a small area spot test is performed. This test helps assess how the skin reacts to the laser light and also provides a better understanding of the sensations to expect during the hair removal procedure with the alexandrite laser. During the consultation, the specialist, after evaluating your skin and hair type along with your individual situation, recommends a preliminary course duration that will achieve the desired results. Typically, a course consists of 6-8 procedures.

The result is enviably smooth, hair-free skin and a world of time saved! When you decide to remove unwanted body hair with a laser, you are proving that your attitude towards your body and time management is in line with the XXI century.

REGISTER for a FREE hair removal consultation, during which the doctor will answer your questions and perform a test procedure.


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