Jelena Romanova

Doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery

  • Plastic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Aesthetic medicine

English, Russian, Polish.

Working place address

Antakalnis: V. Grybo str. 17, Vilnius


  • 2014 Vilnius University. Medicine Faculty. Licensed plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
  • 2007 Vilnius University. Medicine Faculty. Medical doctor's license.
  • 2001 Vilnius Higher School of Medicine. General practice nurse license and professional qualification of an operating room nurse.
Professional experience
  • From 2015 works at the dermatological clinic "Sapiegos Clinic". Doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Since 2016 works at the Karoliniškės Polyclinic. Doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Professional work experience since 2007.
  • The doctor (from 2012) trained in plastic surgery clinics and centers in Russia (Moscow), Latvia (Riga), France (Paris), Italy, Denmark, Cyprus, Monaco.
  • The doctor is constantly interested in the innovations of plastic surgery, every year she participates in IMCAS and many other congresses and seminars held in Lithuania and Europe.
Other information

Since 2017, the doctor has been an Art Filler injection trainer, leading seminars on the use of hyaluronic acid fillers in facial aesthetic medicine.

The most common surgical operations performed by the doctor are:

Breast augmentation with implants,
Breast augmentation with fat,
Breast reduction,
Breast lift,
Breast plastic surgery,
Eyelid surgery,
Byebrow lift,
Ear correction,
Liposuction (fat transplantation),
Tummy tuck,
Gynecomastia (for men),
Labia correction,
Stretching of the skin of the face and neck
Nose operations.



An experienced doctor performs over 3000 procedures every year.

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