We believe that when it comes to beautiful skin, the devil is in the details. Skincare products abound on the market, but few are as finely researched and scrutinised as Biologique Recherche.

“The skin may well be the most important organ in the body,” says Philippe Allouche, a doctor who holds the secret to eternal youth. – People treat their skin as if it were a package that needs to be covered with something more valuable, but skin needs to be cared for just as much as the heart or the lungs.”

Biologique Recherche facials and body treatments at “Sapiegos Clinic” are the way to glowing and balanced skin. We are always on hand to advise you on the suitability of your treatment and home care products. When you come to the clinic, you will always find a qualified specialist who will take the time to answer your questions. We recommend that you book in advance for facial treatments.

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