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Laser removal of pigment spots

Dark spots on the skin can undermine your appearance, including self-confidence. Laser treatments in Sapiega clinic are performef with a German revolutionary Asclepion QuadroStarPRO Yellow laser. Yellow wave generated by this laser is used in order to remove pigment spots and spots which cause aesthetic nuisances.

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    Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem that causes certain areas or parts of the skin to become darker. Usually it is a harmless problem which is caused by excessive amounts of pigment, such as melanin in the skin. Hyperpigmentation affects both men and women, and is characterized by areas of darker skin. While it is most common on middle-aged and elderly people, hyperpigmentation can also occur on younger people.
    Some people are genetically more prone to hyperpigmentation (overactive melanin in the skin). For some women birth control pills or pregnancy can cause pigmentation disorder. It is hard to tell why exactly skin becomes hyperpigmented as to tell why some people have problems with acne, dry or sensitive skin, and others do not. 
    Laser pigment spot removal ensures great results, gentle and painless healing, and minimal health risk. Revolutionary yellow light QuadroStarPRO Yellow laser is used at Sapiega clinic to remove pigment spots. 
    The number of treatments depends on the type of spot, duration of its existence and other factors. Usually 1 treatment is enough, but in other cases there could be a need for more.
    It's recommended to take a 4 week break after each treatment.

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    If you struggle with pigment changes in the skin such as dark spots and age spots, then you are a candidate for laser. Before each treatment, specialists of dermatology at Sapiega clinic will examine you and provide information about further care at home.
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    It is recommended to avoid ultraviolet rays, like exposure in the sun or soliarium, on the treated areas for at least 4 weeks until the treatment. You should also not use any anticoagulants (blood-thining medicines, like – Orfarin and Aspirin) for at least 3 days until the treatment. There can be no pathological changes (inflammation, fester and other) on the area that will be treated.

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    Laser removal of pigment spots is painless. The laser handle with a colling system is pressed against the skin and after activation of the light pulse client might feel a little sting together with some warmth on the area. The laser beam penetrates the skin and the top layer of skin and melanin pigment absorbs the light energy, thermal effect rapidly heats melanin, which separates from the dermis. Right after the laser beam the pigment will get darker, then slowly fade away completely. There might be redness noticed on the skin after the treatment. A light crust might also appear on the treated area that will go away within 5-7 days.
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    It is recommended to congeal the treated area until you will feel a pleasant feeling. You should avoid the sun exposure and intensive sun (solarium) without sunscreen on treated areas for at least 6 weeks. Use sunscreen (not less than SPF 50) if you have to be outdoors.
    The procedure is never without a risk. The most common side effects of laser removal of pigment spots:
    Depending on the amount of damage – skin redness, swelling and/or sensible heat feeling can appear after the treatment. Crusts or vesicles can appear, which can not be manipulated;
    Sometimes lesions in pigmentation can appear (damaged skin brightens or darkens in the treated areas), but it usually takes a few weeks to several months.
    Visible discolouration, scarring or skin inclusions can appear in rare cases.

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    Separate derivatives (2 cm2) 42 €
    Facial area 199 €
    Forehead 69 €
    Cheeks 129 €
    Chin 69 €
    The neck area 79 €
    Décolletage area 189 €
    Shoulders area 109 €
    Both hands 99 €
    Consultation with dermatologist during the procedure  29 €

Clients testimonials
    This clinic left a really great impression. Truthfully, it's the first beauty clinic that welcomed me with caring attention, and shares similar outlook to mine. This clinic has the best procedures.
    Sapiega Clinic takes care of me like an old friend would! Big thank you to the entire team for caring attentiveness. Personal thanks to cosmetologist Evelina for my glowing skin, which was achieved with the help of Hydrafacial procedures, also thanks to dr. Lina and her laser treatments, which made me forget depilation and ingrown hairs (girls will understand).
    Sapiega Clinic is my loved and more importantly - trusted clinic, where brilliant specialists who know what they are doing will take care of our beauty. Say what you want, but when your face is glowing, your mind is clearer, too.
    I visited Sapiega Clinic with my mom and we tried the HydraFacial procedure. I can safely say that you will find true professionals working here!
    I tried the Hydrafacial procedure with my friend Ilona. After consultation we found out everything about our skin condition, and prepared a "beauty plan". Thanks to Sapiega Clinic and the whole team for their top-notch professionalism, which made us their loyal clients. This is my favourite procedure thanks to brilliant cosmetologist Andrėja!

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