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Laser treatments are becoming increasingly popular around the world for their excellent results and efficiency. Long-term laser hair removal helps to get rid of many complexes caused by hair in certain places like on the upper lip area or chin. Long-term results and the comfort of not having to deal with hair removal procedures periodically makes laser hair removal treatments very useful and time saving. More benefits like better skin condition and lower chance of infections and ingrown hair, because you stop irritating your skin with a blade, depilatory wax or epilator, maxes this procedure a worthy option to consider.
Laser hair removal method with a German ASCLEPION diode laser MeDioStar NeXT is recognized in the world as a golden standard and is a real piece of modern technology guaranteeing quick, painless and safe treatment.

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    Laser hair removal with a powerful diode laser MeDioStar NeXT is a treatment when laser generating a specific wavelength of radiation irreversibly destroys the hair follicle. During the procedure, the energy of laser must penetrate a few millimeters into the skin to reach the hair root. When energy reaches melanin in the hair, the light is absorbed, and converted into heat. The darker and thicker the hair, the more heat is produced. The heat damages the matrix (genocells) cells around the hair and the area next to the hair, which is responsible for the regrowth of hair. High power reaches hair follicles very deep. This enables a drastic reduction in body hair in the treated area.
    German ASCLEPION technology is characterized with a special integrated cooling system, which guarantees fast and painless treatment. Also, MeDioStar NeXT lasers are advanced in a way that they have a large beam penetration into the hair melanin and low reabsorption into the surrounding tissue, which makes this treatment safe even for people with a darker skin, and also helps to avoid pigmentation complications.
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    ASCLEPION LED laser MeDioStar NeXT beams effectively eliminate unwanted hair, but it is really important to estimate other factors, which can determine the effectiveness of a laser treatment, like physiological and psychosomatic conditions, because they can define a greater or lesser number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired result.Treatment efficacy depends a lot on the hair thickness, shade, and depth of the roots. Also patient’s endocrine system and genotype is relevant, as patients with thin and light hair have to have more treatments then patients with dark hair. In order to achieve maximum effective result it is really important to follow the treatment plan, which will be given to you by a specialist. 

    Long-lasting effect can be reached after 4-6 treatments. 
    Usually the following areas are requested to treat: legs, bikini zone, underarms, hands, chin, upper lip area. Of course, hair can be lasered at any area, with exceptions being eye lids and areas around the eyes.

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    Laser hair removal is best for women who want to achieve long lasting skin smoothness on the legs, armpits, upper lip and other desired areas.  Ingrown hair is another problem which can be excellently fixed with laser treatments. After just a few treatments, you can forget about the painful ingrown hair which can occur. These treatments are also performed on men, usually preffered hair removal from the following areas: neck, chest, armpits, back and abdominal areas.
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    Specialist will consult you, asses your hair type and will introduce you to the process. He/she will also advise how to care for treated area at home. Here are a few general recommendations before you have a treatment:
    Avoid sun baths. If your skin is tanned, whether from sunlight or from tanning lotions, it is recommended to wait from 7 to 10 days until the skin will get its natural tone. If the skin is very tanned it is advised to wait for 4 weeks.
    Avoid anti-cellulite treatments 4 weeks before the treatment. Also antibiotics used to treat inflammatory acne are contraindication for laser treatment, so after you stop taking antibiotics wait another 4 weeks until the treatment.
    Do not uproot your hair and do not use waxing tools or electric epilators for 4 weeks until the treatment. The hair removal can disrupt the hair follicle and this way affect the results.

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    After application of hydrogel, the handle of laser is pressed against the skin and moved over the treated area. The laser emits energy pulses in the range 8-14 mm and during the treatment a client feels a slight sting. Permanent hair laser removal is very pleasant due to the cooling system of the skin that is built into the laser. Cooling system has a slight anaesthetic feature that allows sensitive areas to be treated relatively painless. You might feel a slight pinching or stings during the treatment, but most clients tolerate procedure well.
    The important thing is to undergo a treatment several times in a period of 4 to 8 months, because hair grows in certain stages and melanin is found only during growth stage. Different types of hair have different time of hair growth, and number of treatment depends on the type of hair and skin, as well as on genetic predisposition. 
    The treatment of small areas such as the upper lip, may take only a few minutes. The treatment of bigger areas like the bikini, can take about half an hour.
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    You may notice redness and swelling the first few hours after laser hair removal treatment. You can apply ice on the treated area to reduce discomfort.
    After laser hair removal, avoid sun exposure: natural sunlight and tanning beds for 6 weeks and use a sunscreen (SPF 50).
    The most common side effects of permanent laser hair removal:
    Skin irritation - occasional discomfort, redness and swelling are possible after laser hair removal. All signs and symptoms usually disappear within a few hours.
    Pigment change - laser hair removal can darken or lighten the treated skin, usually temporarily. Skin lightening can occur mainly in people with darker skin, especially if the laser is improperly used in unsuitable environments.
    Permanent hair removal is not recommended on the eyelids and the surrounding area for possible serious injury.

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    I The upper lip + Chin area (-10%) 82 €    74 € 
    II Underarm areas + Abdomen (-20%) 118 €    94 €
    III "Classic" Bikini" area + Underarm areas ( -30%) 156 €  109 €
    IV "Brazilian" Bikinia area + Underarm areas (-30%) 176 €  129 €
    Calf areas + "Classic" Bikinia area (-35%)  276 €  179  
    VI Calf areas + "Brazilian" Bikinia area (-35%) 296 €  192  
    VII Legs (full lenght) + "Classic" Bikinia area (-30%) 320 €  219 € 
    VIII Legs (full lenght) + "Brazilian" Bikinia area (-30%) 396 €  279 € 

    The upper lip area 34 €
    Chin 48 €
    Cheek area 55 €
    Back of the neck 38 €
    Front of the neck 45 €
    Underarm areas 76 €
    Upper arm 74 €
    Forearm 70 €
    Hand Fields 35 €
    Arms 135 €
    Shoulder areas 70 €
    Chest 82 €
    Nipple area 24 €
    Abdomen (women) 42 €
    Abdomen (men) 82 €
    Back area 124 - 145 €
    Thigh 135 €
    Calf and knee areas 120 €
    "Classic" bikini area    80 €
    "The Brazil" bikini 100 €
    Buttock 42 €
    Legs (full length) 220 €
    Consultation with dermatologist during the procedure - free -
    If you treat 3 zones at a time, you can get 20% off
    Discounts do not stack  

Clients testimonials
    This clinic left a really great impression. Truthfully, it's the first beauty clinic that welcomed me with caring attention, and shares similar outlook to mine. This clinic has the best procedures.
    Sapiega Clinic takes care of me like an old friend would! Big thank you to the entire team for caring attentiveness. Personal thanks to cosmetologist Evelina for my glowing skin, which was achieved with the help of Hydrafacial procedures, also thanks to dr. Lina and her laser treatments, which made me forget depilation and ingrown hairs (girls will understand).
    Sapiega Clinic is my loved and more importantly - trusted clinic, where brilliant specialists who know what they are doing will take care of our beauty. Say what you want, but when your face is glowing, your mind is clearer, too.
    I visited Sapiega Clinic with my mom and we tried the HydraFacial procedure. I can safely say that you will find true professionals working here!
    I tried the Hydrafacial procedure with my friend Ilona. After consultation we found out everything about our skin condition, and prepared a "beauty plan". Thanks to Sapiega Clinic and the whole team for their top-notch professionalism, which made us their loyal clients. This is my favourite procedure thanks to brilliant cosmetologist Andrėja!

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