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French cosmetics Biologique Recherche was created by biologist Dr. Yvan Allouche and physiotherapist Dr. Josette Allouche together with many other specialists in the fields of medicine, chemistry and cosmetology in a research and development laboratory, which opened the doors back in 1970. More than 40 years ago this lab was the place to create special product formulas for professionals who were unhappy with products back then. Since 2000 Dr. Philippe Allouche took over the creative side of his father Yvan’s business and today Biologique Recherche is known as a unique brand that creates hair and skin products from natural, raw and concentrated materials. A clinical outlook on skin, unique products and original procedures make Biologique Recherche cosmetics effective, and competence of specialists as well as pharmaceutical product quality standard help maintain leader position in the market and a truly prestigious name.

Biologique Recherche is an international brand that sells products in more than 40 countries. The headquarters of Biologique Recherche can be found in Paris (32 Avenue des Champs – Elysees).

Natural and well compatible ingredients are selected for individual skin’s needs and meet Biologique Recherche product quality standard.

Biologique Recherche products have these unique qualities:

– Large concentration of herbal marine and other biological origin extracts (in most products it’s more than 20%).
– No additional fragrances allow to maintain the formula unaltered and lower the possibility of allergic reactions.
– Unique production and extraction methods allow to preserve structure and properties of active ingredients.
– Only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Original Biologique Recherche application methodology follows these three main stages:

Evaluation stage: Every client is evaluated to find out the skin type, individual needs and current skin condition. This allows to select only the products and procedures that are effective and valuable for particular needs.
Starting stage: According to Dr. Allouche, the main task for skincare is to maintain epidermis. It’s the top layer of our skin that protects the body from outer irritants. Epidermis needs precise attention.
Maintenance stage: Only products with large active ingredients’ concentration are used at this stage. It helps regenerate skin epidermis quicker, so you can enjoy great results.

So you could better imagine how important it actually is to take care of your skin, let’s compare it to a house. A damaged, uneven roof does not protect the inside of your house so well, does it? So if you want to reach great results from inside out, you should pay careful attention to your epidermis, which is essential part of the skin.

Sapiegos Clinic and Biologique Recherche

We believe that it’s all in the details when speaking about good looking, healthy skin. There are plenty of beauty products in the market, but only a few are analysed to the smallest detail as Biologique Recherche.

“Skin is one of the most important organs of the human body“, says Dr. Philippe Allouche, who knows the secret to eternal youth. “People treat their skin like it’s a packaging that needs to be changed to something more valuable, however skin requires just as much care and attention as your heart or lungs”.

Biologique Recherche face and body procedures in Sapiegos Clinic is a way to reach glowing, balanced and healthy skin. We are always ready to consult and help you choose the right procedure and advise on skincare at home. In our Clinic you will always find well qualified specialists who will not spare time and attention to answer all of your questions. Please register for skin procedures in advance.

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