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The skin is the largest organ of our body, and the first barrier that protects against external influences, precisely because of this we have to care for and protect the skin. HydraFacial MD® is an innovative and highly popular American-developed procedure that uses patented Vortex technology with four essential principles: skin cleansing, scrub, suction and intensive skin hydration. It takes only one treatment to notice visible results without any unpleasant experiences.
HydraFacial MD®, just like the name suggests, focuses on moisturizing facial skin, which is the basis of healthy, elastic and radiant skin. Try it out!

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    HydraFacial MD® facial cleansing and moisturizing treatment soothes the skin, provides a special glow, and can be done immediately before an important event or party. HydraFacial MD®, just like the name suggests, focuses on moisturizing facial skin, which is the basis of healthy, elastic and radiant skin.
    During the procedure, the following skin conditions are solved:
    Dry, dehydrated skin;
    Grey, dull skin color;
    Uneven skin texture;
    Oily, acne-prone skin;
    Small wrinkles;
    Pigmented spots / sun-damaged skin;
    Face redness.
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    HydraFacial MD® facial cleansing and moisturizing treatment is suitable for all skin types for both women and men, as well as teenagers. It`s recommended to do it at any time of year.
    HydraFacial cleaning procedure
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    During a consultation, Sapiega Clinic qualified cosmetologist will help evaluate the type of your skin and discuss the result you are trying to achieve. Make sure you have read all the information and asked all questions, as well as signed the consent form. Before the procedure it is recommended:
    3-6 weeks before the procedure to avoid direct sunlight, sunbathing;
    Talk with Sapiega Clinic cosmetologist about the medications you are taking (in some cases they will need to be stopped for up to 6 months before the procedure, for example, medicines that may affect photosensitivity);
    7 days before the procedure avoid local creams with strong effect (Retin-A, etc.).
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    During the HydraFacial MD procedure, there are 5 basic steps to clean and deeply moisturize the skin:
    1. Cleaning. HydroPeel ® technology with a very deep moisturizing solution removes the surface layer of the skin with mild impurities and oil.
    2. HydroPeel® Exfoliation - light chemical peeling (combined glycol and salicylic acids) eliminates dead skin cells. Chemical peeling reduces the pH of the skin, resulting in a loss of contact between healthy skin and dead skin cells, which are removed then without any irritation. 
    3. Extraction - painless skin suction easily removes impurities, excessive fat (sebum) from the facial pores and deeper layers of the skin.
    4. Clean skin is then filled with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in order to deeply moisturize, nourish and protect the skin from harmful environmental influences.
    5. LED light therapy is a finishing touch to the procedure - red light stimulates collagen production and elastin production, even out skin texture, tone and pigmentation; Blue light works especially well for acne-prone skin, and the combination of both colors helps achieve better results.
    HydraFacial face cleaning before and after
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    For a day after the procedure you will feel: 
    Cool and clean skin;
    A slight puffiness in certain areas of the face;
    Moisturized skin right after the procedure (do not apply any cosmetics to the face while you're feeling the moisture);
    Avoid direct sunlight (after the moisturizing feeling goes away, use sun protection with SPF);
    If you've been using strong local cream ((Retin-A and others), you can continue using them after a week.
    The results obtained during the procedure can range from a few to several weeks or even longer depending on the individual characteristics and recommendations of each skin. After the procedure the cosmetologist will provide individual recommendations for further skin care at home based on your skin type.
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    HydraFacial MD® procedure 69 €
    HydraFacial MD®  classic procedure 79 €
    HydraFacial MD® procedure for men 89 €
    HydraFacial MD® for oily/acne-prone/highly-pigmented skin 89 €
    HydraFacial MD® diamond hydride ambrosia procedure 119 €
    HydraFacial MD® luxurious procedure 139 €
    Get a course of 5 HYDRAFACIAL procedures till 15th of July and receive 1 additional for free.
Clients testimonials
    This clinic left a really great impression. Truthfully, it's the first beauty clinic that welcomed me with caring attention, and shares similar outlook to mine. This clinic has the best procedures.
    Sapiega Clinic takes care of me like an old friend would! Big thank you to the entire team for caring attentiveness. Personal thanks to cosmetologist Evelina for my glowing skin, which was achieved with the help of Hydrafacial procedures, also thanks to dr. Lina and her laser treatments, which made me forget depilation and ingrown hairs (girls will understand).
    Sapiega Clinic is my loved and more importantly - trusted clinic, where brilliant specialists who know what they are doing will take care of our beauty. Say what you want, but when your face is glowing, your mind is clearer, too.
    I visited Sapiega Clinic with my mom and we tried the HydraFacial procedure. I can safely say that you will find true professionals working here!
    I tried the Hydrafacial procedure with my friend Ilona. After consultation we found out everything about our skin condition, and prepared a "beauty plan". Thanks to Sapiega Clinic and the whole team for their top-notch professionalism, which made us their loyal clients. This is my favourite procedure thanks to brilliant cosmetologist Andrėja!

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