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During the procedure only the thinnest needles are used, and the goal is to spread active ingredients evenly by using superficial stabs. Injection techniques applied in mesotherapy are different, and depending on age, condition, sensitivity of the skin – different needles can be chosen. For people with already advanced signs of aging it is necessary to intensify the process in order to achieve the desired effect, and best results are obtained through combination of various methods.
3 ml (one sterile ampoule) of FILORGA NCTF with hyaluronic acid is intradermally injected during this treatment.
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    Chemical peeling is a treatment when the skin surface is treated with a special, concentrated chemical solution. This treatment aims to improve skin texture, remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell production. Dead skin cells are removed and their metabolism is stimulated - the skin is renewed from the inside to the outside. This treatment is usually done on face, neck and décolletage area. Our clinic performs three main acid peeling procedures: 

    Sesderma acid peel for pigmented, greyed out skin
    This Sesderma acid peel gently and effectively corrects pigmented stains and other skin problems. The peel contains ferulic acid (12%) - it's a potent antioxidant that reduces the aging process and effects. The face becomes more luminous, the tone is smoother, pigmented spots become lighter. The skin becomes soft and smooth.
    Traditional scrubs sharply reduce or increase skin's pH. Sesderma scrub is a 3-step natural superficial dermatological skin scrub with a consistently changing pH. Therefore, the product is mild and the result is rapid and obvious, not requiring a post-treatment period.
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    The aim of the procedure: 
    Dead cell removal
    Cell renewal, regeneration
    Toning and smoothing the skin
    Strengthening natural skin protective factors
    Sesderma acid peel for wrinkle correction 
    This procedure restores and protects skin cells from exposure to sunlight and skin damage, reduces the signs of aging skin. The peeling is based on nanotechnology - all the active ingredients are added to nano liposomes, which means that the product ideally reaches the required skin layer and depth, which is otherwise not possible with the classic technology.
    The peel contains ferulic acid (12%) - it's a potent antioxidant that reduces the aging process and effects. This acid is found in many plants, especially in leaves, roots and coniferous seeds, rice, maize, wheat and rye. Ferulic acid restores skin texture, restores youthfulness and brings health back to the skin.
    The procedure uses a unique vitamin C serum that contains active ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, blackberry extract, panthenol. These ingredients ensure skin smoothness, moisture and elasticity immediately after treatment. This vitamin C serum is mixed with ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) protects against oxidation, participates in collagen synthesis, moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, smooths the skin, and prevents the formation of free radicals.
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    The aim of the procedure: 
    Cell renewal, regeneration
    Wrinkle correction 
    Toning of the skin, brightening 
    Strengthening of natural skin's protectors
    Sesderma acid peel for acne
    The procedure is carried out with Sesderma Salipeel Lic acid peel containing salicylic, lemon, linoleic acids and ethyl citrate. Salicylic acid is well known for its catalytic and comedolytic properties - dissolves the hardened skin layer and destroys comedones - dark, fatty acne in skin pores. Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces itching, acts as an antiseptic, antimicrobiotic, has a contractive effect (tightens), delays the aging process, performs a protective function from the sun (contains substances that absorb UVB radiation), and regulates sebaceous gland secretion. Linoleic acid and ethyl citrate create an acidic medium and inhibit bacterial growth.
    The aim of the procedure: 
    Dead cell removal (peeling)
    Inflammation reduction
    Comedone Removal
    Pore shrinking
    Cell renewal, regeneration
    Toning of the skin

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    Acid facial peeling is appropriate if: the skin ha uneven pigmentation, various scaly or uneven facial tones, onset of photosensitivity and chronozesis. Also, having an inflammatory and non-inflamed acne, acne scars, or oily facial skin.
    This procedure is not recommended:
    In case of oncological illness during the procedure
    Severe diseases of the internal organs, severe diabetes
    Immune system impairment due to HIV or when using medicines that suppress the immune system or reduce blood clotting
    In the case of allergy to AHA or BHA acids
    When taking retinoids, stop taking one month or two before the procedure.
    In the case of herpes or other infections and damage to the integrity of the skin (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) in the area of the treatment
    If the following procedures were performed earlier than a week ago: facial hair removal with laser, wax, or cream, hair dye, botox injection
    If there are cases of inflammatory hyperpigmentation in the family history
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    Upon arrival, the cosmetologist will examine you, evaluate your skin condition and give advice on the facial care habits. We assure that in Sapiega Clinic cosmetologists have the highest qualifications and many years of experience in this field. During the assessment, you will be given specific questions that take into account the following health condition factors:
    Skin type (color)
    Allergy (hypersensitivity)
    Atopy, eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis (hypersensitivity)
    Collagenase, Autoimmune Disease CD (Complication Risk)
    Viral diseases (herpes, warts - can spread)
    Previous photo reactions
    Medicines used (anticoagulants)
    Smoking (worsens healing)
    Pregnancy, Breastfeeding"
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    The procedure involves the use of combined techniques, which give the opportunity to customize individual solutions for different problems:
    Acid peeling for pigmentation issues is done by cleansing the skin with a liposomal cleanser. Then, 1 layer of Azelac Exfoliating Gel spray is quickly and evenly applied. The gel is left to work for 6-12 minutes and then rinsed with water. Sensitive areas such as eye corners, areas around the nose or lips are covered with protective cream. The Oxyses spray is sprayed on the skin, then a C-VIT Intensive Serum ampoule is applied and gently massaged into the skin. The procedure is completed by the Hidraloe Professional gel. The procedure can be performed every 14 days. We recommend a course of 6-8 procedures.
    Acid peeling for mature skin is done by cleansing the skin and removing makeup residues, dirt and excess oils. After that, 1-2 layers of acid are applied for several minutes. A moisturizing vitamin C serum, mixed with pure vitamin C powder, is applied to the acid withiout washing. The products are massage into the skin until fully absorbed, and then rinsed with water. At the end of the procedure, an ampoule of vitamin C or a cream with vitamin C is applied. The procedure can be performed every 14 days. We recommend 6-8 procedures.
    Acne peeling for acne is done by cleansing the skin and removing makeup residues, dirt and excess oils. After than, a certain amout of acid is applied for a few minutes, then removed from the skin, and if needed a soothing mask, or an ampoule is applied. At the end of the treatment, depending on the type of client's skin, a cream with retinol or glycolic acid is applied. The procedure can be performed every 14 days. We recommend 6-8 procedures.
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    For a few days after the procedure skin might be a bit more sensitive, slightly red. Avoid cosmetics while you're feeling increased skin sensitivity. Also, avoid direct sunlight, use protective creams (SPF not lower than 50).
    Special cosmetic products should be used recommended by the specialist. Moisturize the skin and do not soak in the sauna. After performing a face cleansing procedure, depending on your skin type, a cosmetologist will provide individual recommendations for further skin care at home. 
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    Acid peel for mature skin 60 €
    Acid peel for acne issues 60 €
    Acid peel for pigmented issues 60 €
    Brightening and Glowing Facial Treatment - VIPO2- 90 €

Clients testimonials
    This clinic left a really great impression. Truthfully, it's the first beauty clinic that welcomed me with caring attention, and shares similar outlook to mine. This clinic has the best procedures.
    Sapiega Clinic takes care of me like an old friend would! Big thank you to the entire team for caring attentiveness. Personal thanks to cosmetologist Evelina for my glowing skin, which was achieved with the help of Hydrafacial procedures, also thanks to dr. Lina and her laser treatments, which made me forget depilation and ingrown hairs (girls will understand).
    Sapiega Clinic is my loved and more importantly - trusted clinic, where brilliant specialists who know what they are doing will take care of our beauty. Say what you want, but when your face is glowing, your mind is clearer, too.
    I visited Sapiega Clinic with my mom and we tried the HydraFacial procedure. I can safely say that you will find true professionals working here!
    I tried the Hydrafacial procedure with my friend Ilona. After consultation we found out everything about our skin condition, and prepared a "beauty plan". Thanks to Sapiega Clinic and the whole team for their top-notch professionalism, which made us their loyal clients. This is my favourite procedure thanks to brilliant cosmetologist Andrėja!

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